6 Smart Ways To Optimise Kitchen Corners

Smart Ways To Optimise Kitchen Corners

We can find unused corners in almost all modular kitchen layouts. The parallel, L-shaped and U-shaped kitchen layouts have unused corners that can be utilised for various activities that go on in the kitchen. Corners of the kitchen are often called dead spaces because no one really uses the corners and no one really gives a good thought about what to do with the corners as well. There is clearly a need to have more functionality in the kitchen and we can help you in optimising your kitchen counter so that you can make the best use of the extra space in your kitchen.

1. Install Storage Units:
Installing storage units at the corners of your kitchen should be on the top of your list if you want to optimally utilise the corner space. You can install a custom made storage unit or you can get a corner storage unit at your local outlets. You can simply put a corner storage unit to hold your vegetables in the kitchen that do not go in the fridge too. Mainly, L shaped and U shaped modular kitchen designs face difficulty in this area. Many modular kitchen designs by Würfel come with corner storage units that help utilise the corner space.

2. Install a Sink:
A sink is very useful in the kitchen. It is something that completes the work triangle of the kitchen. Installing a sink at the corner of the kitchen will not only allow you to utilise the space but will also provide you with some extra space on the countertop. It’ll also be easier for you to clean the countertop if you have the sink installed at the corner of your modular kitchen. You can also install fancy sinks and taps to bring out the aesthetic of your kitchen design.

Smart Ways To Optimise Kitchen Corners

3. Install Kitchen Appliances:
Installing kitchen appliances like a microwave or a fridge at the corner of your kitchen is also a good idea. Installing a fridge or some other appliance can give you a good work triangle. Having them installed at the corners ensures a smooth workflow and enough floor space for more than one person to work in the kitchen at the same time. Just remember to install the appliances so that they open towards the wall and not against it.

4. Install Open Shelves:
Open shelves are a great idea to save your kitchen from monotony. You can store all kinds of things on an open shelf from cereals to tea and coffee, boxes to knife sets, biscuits and snacks. The open shelf will look unique and colourful and will only add to the overall modular kitchen design. As the open shelves do not have any doors, all of the things you put in them will be visible to everyone and with the right style, it will become the main focal point of the kitchen. You can also display collectables and your fancy cookware in the open shelves.

Smart Ways To Optimise Kitchen Corners

5. Add a free-standing tower:
Adding a free-standing tower to one corner of the kitchen can act as a beautiful showpiece. A sleek tower with multiple levels to put items that you require frequently, such as a towel for cleaning the spills on the countertop, you can use the free-standing tower for storing almost anything. You can also go for adjustable shelves so that you can set the amount of storage you need when you need it and give the kitchen a feel of more free space.

A hanging tower is also a very good modern and trendy idea to use the corner space in the kitchen efficiently. Although it does not serve as purposefully as a free-standing tower, it can still be useful and trendy to look at.

6. A Corner to Cater Your Interests:
You can have a personal space in the kitchen where you store all your essentials for your hobbies in the kitchen. If you like to bake, you can store your baking essentials. You can experiment with different cuisines of food one at a time and use this corner for storing everything that is required for that particular cuisine.

You can always add a bar counter if you run out of options. A small and trendy bar counter can do wonders in terms of functionality and looks. You can experiment with various drinks and who knows, maybe even invent a signature drink along the way.

Würfel can give you the best modular kitchen designs that’ll allow you to use the corner space effectively. The innovative team at Würfel is constantly trying to come up with new ideas to take the interior designing experience to a whole new level. Würfel does not compromise on any aspect of interior designing.