What’s a Good Size for a Kitchen?

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown many of us how much we love our homes. While it may not be true for some of us, it is almost certain that this quarantine woke up our inner chefs and foodies. The kitchen was the one place where we spent most of our time in our homes, if not our bedrooms.

The kitchen holds a special place in our home and our hearts. You can be a foodie who loves to cook or just someone who cooks barely, you can’t do it in peace if you don’t have adequate space in the kitchen. Such a special place deserves the space it needs for us to function properly and make the most delicious meals. You’ll have all the more reason and motivation to put your heart and soul into cooking your favourite meal every day of the week if the kitchen reflects your style and has enough space to store all the ingredients.

The kitchen size is best defined by your needs. Do you need a kitchen to have more storage space, have a bigger preparation area or one that has a kitchen and dining included area? It all depends on your requirements and the modular kitchen design you want to go with. Ideally, the best kitchen size should be 10%-15% of the whole area of the house. If your house is 2000sq.ft, the best kitchen size should ideally be 200-250 sq. ft. to fit all the equipment and function properly. Some of the best kitchen design ideas are also possible only when the kitchen size is adequate. Adequate space for the kitchen means the kitchen has enough space for people to work freely and simultaneously.

The kitchen design ideas are based not only on the kitchen size but also on factors like-

1. Height and the depth of the kitchen countertop:
The kitchen top should be optimally placed so that the person working in the kitchen doesn’t feel uncomfortable by the height. If the countertop is too high you might hurt your elbow while working. Too high a countertop also makes it difficult for short people to work in the kitchen. If the countertop is too low, tall people might face difficulty. They can develop severe back pains due to constantly having to bend over to cook.

2. The Size and Placement of Kitchen Equipment:
Equipment like microwave ovens, refrigerators, chimneys, etc. requires a dedicated space in the kitchen. If the kitchen design idea does not incorporate the kitchen size including the kitchen equipments, it will become a hassle to implement the kitchen design idea.

The size of the equipments also plays a big role in deciding the kitchen design idea and the kitchen size. The bigger the size of the refrigerator or chimney you want, the bigger the kitchen size will be.

3. Shelves and Storage Space:
Creating an organised cabinet and storage space can be the key to getting the best kitchen design idea implemented for the best kitchen size for you.

There are different types of kitchen layouts that can be based on the kitchen size and the kitchen design ideas whether it is a closed concept kitchen or not. Some of the commonly seen kitchen design layouts are mentioned below:

The Parallel Kitchen Layout:
This kitchen design idea and layout has two countertops parallel to each other and walking space between them. This kitchen design idea works best if the kitchen size is small. It is important to choose light colours while designing the interior of a parallel kitchen to make the interior appear bigger and  more soothing to the eyes.

L-Shaped Modular Kitchen:
This kitchen design idea has an L-shape to it. The two perpendicular walls of the kitchen are used together to create an L-shaped kitchen layout. L-shaped kitchen design can be used for an optimum kitchen size. The L-shape makes the kitchen spacious and allows you to work freely.

The U-Shaped Kitchen:
Three adjacent walls are used in creating a U-shaped kitchen design idea. This layout can be useful for a bigger kitchen for a free flow of work as three walls are being used. A U-shaped kitchen can be utilised to its maximum by incorporating a table in the middle of the kitchen or integrating it with an Island Kitchen.

The Island Kitchen:
The kitchen island is a free cabinet or a tabletop that stands in the middle of the kitchen. An island kitchen can complement any kitchen design idea and can be useful in arranging a proper task flow while cooking.

G-Shaped Kitchen:
The G-shaped kitchen layout is kind of an extension of the U-shaped kitchen layout. It has one part of the countertop protruding out into the kitchen area. The G-shaped kitchen countertop can be an extension of the lower cabinet storage in the kitchen. This kitchen is really suitable for medium to big-sized kitchens.

Modular kitchens are the best options to go for in these modern times of compact homes. Modular kitchens add style, functionality and luxury to the kitchen interiors. And it is not as expensive as everyone thinks it to be. If you wish to sit back, relax and enjoy the process of designing or remodelling your kitchen, visit Würfel’s Modular Kitchens.

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