Modular Kitchen Ideas You Didn't Know About

The kitchen is a very integral part of any house, and it is very important to make sure it is designed correctly. The functionality of the kitchen should be of topmost priority because of the sheer amount of the things that get done in that space. Other things like having stain and water-resistant flooring and walls are necessary as the kitchen is always prone to stains and moisture. When it comes to the modular kitchen, it does solve many kitchen problems and when designed correctly, they can be the perfect solution.

If you are planning to get a modular kitchen then there are some tips and ideas that you might want to keep in mind:

1. Get the right layout:
The layout of the kitchen determines the functionality of the space and it is important to be aware of the size of the kitchen and what layout fits best. Depending on the size of the kitchen, you can see if you want to use the L-shaped, U-shaped, or parallel layout. While all the three are great, with the parallel one you can enjoy maximum storage. So make sure to properly analyse the kitchen space to be able to get the perfect layout.

2. Don’t forget the countertop:
One of the best things you can do to your modular kitchen is to utilise the countertop to its fullest. Make sure the counter height is comfortable enough for people in the house to use it. L-shaped countertops are wider in nature and they help you accommodate more things. Keep the countertop wide and spacious so that it’s not just easy to keep things on them, but also easy to clean. Also, remember to go for darker colours for the countertop as light colours are prone to stains and it makes maintenance and cleaning difficult.

3. Use open shelves:
The biggest advantage that comes with a modular kitchen is that you can incorporate open shelves or cabinets. They are not just stylish and unique but are also easy to use. You can store jars and access them whenever you want with ease. It’ll also help you to store the jars and vessels in a more organised way and will make the overall aesthetic look minimal. If you think you could use some help in achieving an elegant yet highly functional kitchen, then you should definitely check out Würfel. The brand chooses the best of everything to give you the ideal modular kitchen.

4. Lighting the cabinets:
Having light in the cabinets can change the game for your kitchen! Add elegance and charm to your kitchen by adding some dim and soft lights in the cabinets and drawers. We have cabinets with in-built lighting these days that will do the job. While the main cooking area has bright lights, amp up the overall look of your modular kitchen by adding small pretty lights in the corners to complete the look.

5. Ventilation is essential:
For your modular kitchen to not just look good but also feel good it is essential that it has proper ventilation. So many activities happen in the kitchen in a single day. The process of cooking itself can be long and tedious and it also generates a lot of heat. No matter what you are cooking, it’s natural for dirt, dust, and smoke to accumulate in the kitchen and it’s necessary to have a space in the kitchen that lets it out. Usually people opt for chimneys and exhaust fans for the kitchen but it would be ideal to have a door that leads to a balcony or an open space where it gets easier for the air to pass through and prevent the space from heat and smoke accumulation.

6. Choose the right colours:
The kitchen is the one spot in the house that is prone to stains and moisture due to water considering the amount of work that happens there. So, it is advisable to go for colours in the kitchen that are dark and can improve the overall quality. Going for dark colours in the kitchen is a smart thing to do. It helps to hide the stains effortlessly and takes some load off of you in terms of maintenance. But dark colours also attract heat and can make it difficult to work in the kitchen during summer. Hence, it is best to go for the right blend of dark and light colours instead of going for plain dark or light colours.

7. Be smart with the trash:
One of the most important things for a kitchen is to have right segregation of the trash. There are cabinets in the modular kitchen that come with in-built spaces to keep all the garbage. Always make sure to separate the dry waste and liquid waste to avoid any mess in the kitchen. Storing the garbage in trash cans is a task, hence it is best to use cabinets that come with this facility, usually with the sink, to help discard it in an efficient manner.

A modular kitchen, if designed well, can actually be the ultimate solution for all your kitchen needs as it is smart, futuristic, highly functional and efficient. If you are looking to find an easy fix to all your kitchen woes without having to put much effort then Würfel is your one-stop solution. Awarded as the ‘Best Modular Kitchen Brand’ by ‘Times Business Awards’ for four consecutive years, Würfel has luxurious and seamless modular kitchens that are curated and crafted with expertise. From fancy to simple, from trendy to classic, Würfel has something for everyone and their timeless kitchens will make you enjoy your time in the kitchen.

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