Best Wardrobes Design for Master Bedrooms

wardrobe plays an essential role and when it comes to the one in the master bedroom, the design amps up the elegance in the room. A bedroom is the most private space in the house and we prefer to keep most of our belongings in there. So, it is necessary for bedroom wardrobe designs to not just be visually pleasing but also functional and efficient.

Nowadays, finding the greatest wardrobe that fits your budget and properly complements your home is a difficult task. The closet is the most frequently used piece of furniture in your bedroom, and it houses all of your favourite hand-knit sweaters, high-priced shoes, classic leather belts, long-sleeve shirts, work pants, shorts, and many accessories.

To ace your wardrobe designs in the master bedroom, here are some ideas you can include in your decor.

1. Keep it multifunctional:
The best way to go about a wardrobe design is to keep it multifunctional. If you are going to invest money and dedicate a space for a wardrobe in your room then it might as well be useful in more than just one way. Make sure to keep it as convertible spaces that can hoard maximum things along with clothes. Include more storage options in the wardrobe with drawers, cabinets, and open shelves.

2. Keep it clean with built-in wardrobes:
The most sensible bedroom wardrobe designs are the classic built-in ones. It is spacious, covers the length of the room, and comes with great storage. It’s convenient as it doesn’t consume a lot of space, gives an impression of a big room, and plus makes the cleaning process of the room easy. So, the trick is to invest in built-in wardrobes for a spacious, comfortable, and efficient hoarding of your belongings.

3. Walk-in closet:
Add some luxury to your master bedroom with a walk-in closet. It can be an extension of your wardrobe and will be a convenient spot for you to try on clothes. It is also super easy as you don’t have to worry about walking around the room again and again for choosing the outfit for the day.

You can try on clothes right there saving time and effort. It also helps in making the room look spacious and wide. Adding carpets in the walk-in closet will just be the cherry on the cake!

4. Make it see-through :
Let your wardrobe shine and speak for itself with a see-through design that adds class and oozes luxury. With a see-through wardrobe design, you can flaunt those lovely soft lights and design them in such a way that it complements the interiors of the bedroom. Add your personal touches, make it your little space with some designs and creativity.

5. Slide it in style:
It gets as creative as you can think! The slider wardrobe design for the master bedroom is a complete winner. It not only looks aesthetically pleasing but is high on functionality. It is also best if you have kids around as the sliders can be a task for them to open.  It works amazingly if the bedroom is a tight space, as it gives a very polished and organised look by covering the wardrobe section, making it blend with the rest of the room decor. If you’re planning on getting sliders for your wardrobe, make sure its design and patterns sync well with the rest of the room decor such as the flooring and the wall. If you want to explore wardrobe options for your master bedroom then look no further than Würfel. They have a wide variety of wardrobe designs and help you achieve all your bedroom wardrobe goals effortlessly.

6. Bring in the mirror:
You can never go wrong with the mirrors, can you? It is a very smart thing to blend in the mirrors in your wardrobe design as it can do wonders in terms of making your room look larger naturally due to the reflections.

Using mirrors on sliding doors of the wardrobe also will help you save a lot of space as you don’t need to have a separate place now for the mirror when it just easily comes with the wardrobe.

7. Add the translucent doors:
To enhance the overall appeal of your master bedroom it is a great idea to add translucent doors to the wardrobe. The silver borders and translucent doors contribute to the luxurious look that the contemporary bedroom exudes. It makes the room look elegant and compact. It is exuberantly stylish while being totally simple. It’s an easy way to make the room look subtle while keeping the style quotient in place.

8. It’s a wardrobe, but wait it’s a phone booth!
If you want to stand apart from the usual and make a striking statement, all while being quirky then the phone booth style wardrobe design might just be the thing for you! Looks like a phone booth from the outside but tada!, it is a wardrobe. Comes with maximum storage, great style, and something creative.

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