Wardrobe Designs You Didn't Know About

What is a Wardrobe?
A Wardrobe is a large and long-standing wooden cupboard that is used to store or hang things like clothes and keep accessories. It is equipped with drawers, rods for hanging clothes and sometimes a mirror. Wardrobes are generally found in bedrooms. They can be built into the walls in some cases and it can be a separate piece of furniture that is made to put wherever wanted in the house.

Now, as you know what a wardrobe is, let’s focus on some of the wardrobe design types you might not have heard of. These wardrobe designs are sure to bring a sense of style and add class to your bedroom interiors. There are many types of wardrobes used for a variety of purposes apart from storing clothes. Each type of wardrobe has a distinct feature to suit the needs of the buyer. They are:

Ready-Made Wardrobes:
Ready-made Wardrobes are available in all kinds of furniture and hardware shops and outlets and are the cheapest kind of wardrobes that one can go for. They can store clothes, accessories and some personal items. They can also come with some drawers. They are the cheapest options for sure but they fail when it comes to style and design and don’t add any special look to the overall bedroom interior design. They also fail to add any economic value to the property.

Hinged Wardrobes:
Wardrobes that have doors with hinges are called hinged wardrobes. These are conventional and the go-to option for many. They come in many sleek, stylish and trendy designs. Hinged wardrobes can work with almost any wardrobe design in the market. 

Most people are going for hinged wardrobes as their preferred choice because they are easy to install, a wider range of designs are available and hinged doors of any size can be installed in a single wardrobe design.

Sliding Wardrobes:
As the name suggests, sliding doors are installed in the place of hinged doors in these wardrobes. Sliding doors can’t be installed in all the wardrobe designs, the wardrobes are specifically designed so that they can accommodate the sliding doors. Since the doors of a sliding wardrobe don’t open outwards, they can save some room to keep more things in your bedroom with the same storage capacity as hinged wardrobes. Also, if you ever wish to sell your home, the sliding wardrobes add a better resale value to the house too!

Walk-in Wardrobe:
An open space is utilised for a walk-in wardrobe. Whereas the ready-made wardrobes are placed in the rooms to make space to store things. A good part of the bedroom is used for a walk-in wardrobe. They do not have doors so everything is exposed so that you can just walk to it and grab it. There are small walk-in wardrobes too, with the same features but less storage space. If you decide on going for a walk-in wardrobe, it is better to have a good amount of space in your bedroom just for this purpose. It requires less time and money to install a walk-in wardrobe.

If the bedroom has a slightly odd shape, the walk-in wardrobes can be the best choice to go for. Walk-in wardrobes can use the space efficiently for storing clothes and other valuables too(It all depends on the modular wardrobe idea you choose). The walk-in wardrobes can be a haven for those who like to keep things organised. Due to the large space being utilised by the wardrobe, many things can be organised in it. It only gets worse if you forget where you placed what.

Straight Wardrobes:
These simple and straight wardrobes are designed to fit one wall of the bedroom. They are simple in design and high in utility. They can be hinged wardrobes or sliding wardrobes. Straight wardrobes can be camouflaged and blended in with the traditional bedroom interior design. They can be installed with a foldable hidden bed for more utility if there’s a need for more space in the bedroom or if you have a small apartment and you want to accommodate both the bed and the wardrobe and still have space to move around.

Wardrobes with hidden and foldable beds may not be the first choice for everyone but if the interior design complements the smart modular wardrobe designs, they can exceed any ordinary furniture that may fit in the bedroom. Hidden beds can make up for huge places for entertainment or for hanging out with friends if you live in a small apartment. In some designs, the foldable beds can also turn into tables where you can study, play board games with family and friends and can use your computer for work from home too.

The L-shaped Wardrobes:
Also called the corner wardrobes, these wardrobes are designed in an L-shape along two adjacent walls of the bedroom. These wardrobes are the best to go for when you need to utilise the corners of the room. Sliding doors are not possible with this design but hinged doors can work wonders with the L-shaped wardrobe design.

As this wardrobe design utilises the corner too, it has the natural advantage of having more storage space. There are many modular wardrobe designs specifically for the L-shaped wardrobes because you can not combine two different wardrobe design ideas into one corner wardrobe. This will lead to the collision of doors of the two wardrobes.

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