What are the Different Types of Wardrobe Design

Your wardrobe plays a crucial role and is one of the most frequently used furniture items in your bedroom. Considering the frequent usage and the load it bears, make sure that the design of your wardrobe exactly fits your needs and requirements, and matches well with your bedroom aesthetics as well. That being said, today the market is flooded with a lot of modern wardrobe designs. Let’s have a look at some of these different types of wardrobe designs:

1. Hinged door wardrobe:
One of the most simple, yet conventional wardrobe designs, is a hinged door wardrobe featuring strong hinges attached to the closet. The good thing about hinged door wardrobe is that the shutters can swing wide open at a 90-degree angle giving it a full view allowing the user to spot things easily. Depending on your preferences, you can install hangers, racks and a chest of drawers to make separate rooms for your accessories. 

2. Sliding door wardrobe:
Looking for contemporary wardrobe design ideas? Well, the sliding door wardrobe is the perfect type to go for, as they offer the biggest advantage of saving space by not taking up the room space. Whether you have a small, medium, or master bedroom, these sliding door wardrobe works well and give a classy look. Having the sliding nature helps to give a lengthy wardrobe feel.  So, if you have a small-sized bedroom, a sliding door wardrobe would be an ideal bet.

3. Free-standing wardrobe:
Those who keep shifting their entire home due to work-life or travel life can find this free-standing wardrobe an ideal choice to go for. These are usually tall wardrobes that provide you with some extra storage space above its roof and help you make the best use of vertical space in your bedroom. Also, the best part about these wardrobes is that it provides flexibility in terms of choosing colurs, finishes, and door types. 

4. Customized wardrobe:
Every one of us has certain expectations of how our dream new home should be and how its details should be. The wardrobe is also one such essential detail that every homeowner pays attention to. You can create an inspiring customized home wardrobe design by utilizing the nooks and corners of your bedroom. A customized wardrobe is one among those different types of wardrobes that provides functionality in terms of your requirements. Sometimes you may want your wardrobe to do more than just store your clothes and accessories. In such cases, these custom-made wardrobes are your perfect wardrobe partner that works the best.

5. Walk-in wardrobe:
This is one of such next-level wardrobe sophistication, where you can store anything to everything. When you want to have a luxury wardrobe in your bedroom that holds luxury space or a separate room for it, store all your items from shoes to jewellery to outfits, for different occasions, then look for walk-in wardrobe styles. Made with top-notch materials, these wardrobes provide sufficient space for storage. By adding versatile shelves and racks, with innovative storage and lock solutions, you can make more space and allow accessories to breathe well.

6. Mirror wardrobes:
Today, mirror wardrobes are not much demanded, but having one in a bedroom is pretty much required to have a glance of how you look. Also, a mirror wardrobe is a great consideration to improve the visual appeal and to elevate an ordinary room into a dream room. Even if the room space is small, a mirrored wardrobe can create a spacious look which is why it is one of the best interior wardrobe design ideas. 

Different types of materials used in wardrobe designs

  • Laminates – These are among the most widely used surfacing materials, suitable for both residential and commercial spaces. Laminate sheets can be used to enhance the appeal of all types of surfaces, including walls, floors and furniture. They not only offer a great way to beautify your spaces, but also provide strength and protection to your property’s elements.
  • Glass – Glass finishes can be used completely or partially as shutters in a wardrobe which makes the wardrobe look classy.

Lacquer – The lacquer finish comes in a wide array of colour options. Würfel has introduced the concept of ‘Your kitchen, your colour’ wherein you get to choose any colour and shade of your choice. This helps to pick the precise colour which you feel will compliment your home interiors. 

Steps to choosing a wardrobe design

  • Now that you know the different types of wardrobe designs for bedrooms, the next step is to select the material of the wardrobe. There are different types of materials used in making wardrobes, ranging from MDF to plywood and high density water resistant particle boards. And if you prefer sliding wardrobes, then you can go for glass doors. 
  • Once you have finalized the base material, you can pick the finishing material – which can be polylacq, laminate, glass, and lacquer. 
  • Next is the customization part, like whether you need a whole lot of space for accessories or whether you need a standard wardrobe for just outfits.
  • Upon finalizing both the minor and major details, the next important step is to choose the right designers to create your ideal wardrobe design.

This includes choosing professional modular wardrobe designers like Würfel, who have hands-on experience in bringing the contemporary elegance and sophistication of Western interior wardrobe designs to every Indian household. Thanks to Würfel, their products come with exemplary designs of modular wardrobe styles to fit your bedroom. Manufactured under the highest precision level and comes with a warranty period of 10 years, the Würfel modular wardrobes can amaze you in terms of quality, functionality, design, and elegance.