What is a Modular Kitchen Concept?

Kitchen cabinets, pullouts, countertops, base unit, tower unit- if you are hearing these terms for the first time, then be ready to learn about them in detail now because they are all related to modular kitchens. From cooking our favourite dishes to experimenting with new cuisines, we love to spend our free time exploring new things. When we talk about the 21st-century interior design updates, a European modular kitchen has won the hearts of millions as it offers a combination of class, comfort, and style.

In fact, nowadays it has become a necessity to design a well-framed and chic-looking modular kitchen for efficient space utilisation. Keeping in mind that the kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in your home, a kitchen has to be properly designed to promote productivity and efficiency.

We shall be breaking down the modular kitchen concepts and will discuss everything that makes the modern modular kitchen an ideal choice for your home makeover solutions.

What is a modular kitchen and why is it so special?
A modular kitchen is a type of kitchen interior design that uses the module concept to form a complete kitchen. These modules include base unit, wall mount unit, tower unit which when joined together, give a complete look to your kitchen. These modules, including the cabinets, shelves, and drawers are used for storing different containers, utilities, and appliances in a much sorted and organised form. The modular kitchen design concepts work best for people living in limited spaces, say in apartments or flats, where the requirement is of a functional kitchen design that doesn’t compromise on space.

Different types of modular kitchens:
Commonly, there are six types of modular kitchen layouts which are designed to meet the workspace and aesthetics respectively.

1. L-shaped modular kitchen:
This is one of the most commonly used and seen types of modular kitchen details. An L-shaped modern kitchen is ideal for small floor space people, especially for the ones living in small apartments or rented flats. Having an L-shaped modular kitchen in a small space offers maximum storage and lets you easily incorporate a small dining table within your kitchen. One of the biggest advantages of an L-shaped modular kitchen is that no corner is left ignored.

2. Straight modular kitchen designs:
This type of modular kitchen looks good only in spacious kitchen rooms as it does not employ a work triangle and works based on a straight line. Moreover, straight modular kitchens are not in high demand, unless the client thinks about having a unique kitchen interior design.

3. U-shaped modular kitchen:
If your home has a large kitchen space and you want to play around with the modular kitchen design, then the U-shaped modular kitchen design is your ideal bet. This layout works efficiently by providing optimum storage space. Both the upper cabinets, lower cabinets, and tall units can be effectively used to cover the space, making it ideal for more than one person to use the kitchen at a time.

4. Parallel shaped kitchen:
For someone who loves to have a long kitchen layout, you’d prefer a parallel shaped modular kitchen, where there will be two long working areas that face one another. Also, this type of design will provide you with lots of counter space, and plenty of room for movement as well. A parallel kitchen design is suitable for all home types, irrespective of the space and your requirements.

5. Island modular kitchen layout:
If you have enough space, experts recommend the island kitchen layout as it is one of the most beautiful and contemporary designs available. An island modular kitchen design comes with an extra counter area, ideal for a breakfast counter or bar counter. If you have school-going kids, you can make use of this mini-dining table as their breakfast corner. With two opposing working areas and storage spaces, this kitchen layout is ideal for people who love to have a spacious kitchen.

6. G-shaped or peninsula modular kitchen:
Somewhat similar to the island model, this kitchen layout has a free-standing workspace that provides four sides, making it accessible from three. A G-shaped modular kitchen looks good at homes having limited kitchen space, where both the dining and the cooking space can be merged into one whole unit.

Different types of materials used in the modular kitchen:

As you are aware, a modular kitchen consists of several modules like the base unit, wall unit, tower unit, etc. Each module is designed using apt materials that best suit the design its functioning.

1. Kitchen cabinets and shutter:
The external texture of the kitchen cabinets can be made of MDF, ply-laminated with acrylic or wood. While the internal texture is generally made from MDF or plywood.

2. Countertop material:
Granites are the most commonly used material for making countertops, apart from tiles, wood, or cement. Considering the beauty and elegance of the kitchen layout, it would be ideal to choose granite over cement, or wood; as a granite countertop would withstand the water and help in minimizing wear and tear in your modern kitchen design.

Accept it or not, when you compare the modular kitchen layout with that of wooden cabinets and countertops, the modular kitchen scores high as they add both beauty and elegance to your interiors. Today, a luxury kitchen is not a dream if you have the right modular kitchen designers with you. Though there is a misconception that modular kitchen installation empties your pocket, the expense incurred is the same as that of hiring your local carpenter and making them do the work at your home for days. Therefore, if you step back to redesign your kitchen due to the high cost incurred, check Würfel

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