Modular Kitchen Interior Design Ideas

When it comes to the kitchen it’s your choice to go for the orthodox way of building your kitchen by a local carpenter or you want to go for a modular kitchen that will be planned and designed by a professional interior designer. Modular kitchen cabinets differ greatly from an ordinarily designed cabinet by a local carpenter and also the modular kitchen design is more space-savvy and you get your cooking space as per your needs. Modular kitchen designing is all about accommodating whatever you need like a dishwasher or a microwave unit. A modular kitchen is very easy to maintain and also offers a high amount of flexibility. You can move your modular kitchen cabinets or other modular parts if necessary or you can add an additional module if needed, which means when you shift, the kitchen shifts with you. There is absolutely no need to design a new kitchen.  Modular kitchens are also long lasting. Below are some of the interior design ideas.

Pull out cabinets – Pull out cabinets help organise and make the kitchen space clutter-free. It helps you use every inch of space in the kitchen. Modular kitchen cabinets are smartly engineered in a way so that you don’t have to kneel or stoop to get full access to the cabinets. It’s best if you install pull up cabinets overhead and pull out cabinets below the kitchen counters. Such modular kitchen cabinets make things more accessible.

Corner sink – The toughest thing is to utilise the corner of the modular kitchen whether it is on top of the counter or inside a cabinet. A corner sink is the best way to use the kitchen corner. It will be more expensive than a straight sink but it will also add unique visual appeal and bring out a classy feel to the modular kitchen.

Cabinet to dry dishes – A dish drying cabinet saves a lot of wet mess in the kitchen as the water falls directly into the sink which makes life easier. The utensils can be dried without making the space look cluttered. You can cover the rack with a wooden cabinet cover or something else that matches the kitchen appearance so that it does not compromise with the modular kitchen design.

Wine Glass Holder -A wine glass holder adds more class to the modular kitchen design. Use a hanging wine holder. It is uncommon. Looks smart and will also save space. The wine glass holder will be placed on the ceiling of the cabinet and these attachments are easier to clean as well.

Drawer systems – Imagine finding a potato peeler exactly at the same place every time without searching for it. Modular kitchen designing includes all the smart tactics that help to organise a kitchen in its best form. The drawer system is one of the finest ideas of a modular kitchen. The drawer system helps organise cutleries like cooking spoons, knives, forks etc. in the most accessible way.

There are various types of modular kitchen design and it all depends on the amount of space you are willing to dedicate to it. For example, U-shaped modular kitchen is perfect for big spaces. It has platforms running along 3 walls and the space between these platforms are wide and big which allows enough space for storage and movement. So decide well and choose the modular kitchen that best suits your needs.