What Are The Types of Modular Kitchen Layouts?

Buying your own home in a metro city has turned out to be a luxury these days, and hoping to get a spacious kitchen in your budget can be considered as something that is way too ambitious. To make your kitchen look grand and modern, you need to play with some renovation ideas, of which modular kitchen designing is one of the best solutions that come with proven results.

A few years back modular kitchen designers were not that popular, but today several interior designers define your home interiors according to your budget. And as you know before you decide on one particular design, you must take expert advice on which types of modular kitchens available in India would best suit your kitchen. So this article is all about informing you of the different types of modular kitchen layouts, cabinets, and accessories available in the Indian market.

A modular kitchen comes in varied types based on its plan and layout. The major categories include:

1. Straight modular kitchen layout:
A straight modular kitchen layout is commonly used and seen in studio apartments, where an easy workflow is achieved. One of the good things about a straight layout is that it is compact, minimalistic, and works for both small and large-spaced kitchen rooms. People having sufficient kitchen space can opt for a straight modular kitchen design and have a mini breakfast table in the space that remains, so that both dining and cooking can be done with ease.

2. L-shaped modular kitchen layout:
No matter how much space your kitchen has, an L-shaped kitchen layout is to date the most loved modular kitchen layout by homeowners. Why? Because it is one of the ideal choices for Indian kitchens where the room size will be comparatively smaller. Also, it makes space for the placement of a small dining table and also gives more area for people to work. To install an L-shaped modular kitchen, your kitchen must be at the corner where two walls form a perpendicular angle. Also, one side of the wall must be twice the length of the other.

3. U-shaped modular kitchen:
U-shaped modular kitchen design is another popular type of modular kitchen layout in India, that features three walls that are lined with cabinets and appliances. This type of kitchen layout ensures free floor space as it provides a lot of storage space and appliances compared to other modular kitchen layouts. Here, all types of modular kitchen accessories including the fridge, sink, stoves, and oven are placed within an arm’s reach, making it easy to work around in the workspace. The best part is that you can accommodate three to four people at a time as it provides ample space for you to move around.

4. Open modular kitchen layout:
Gone are those days where a separate kitchen workspace was provided in the blueprint. Today, the trend has switched to open kitchen space where you get access to all rooms and don’t feel isolated from the action in the living room. Inspired by the contemporary living design, an open modular kitchen is ideal for both spacious and small spaced kitchens. For sufficiently spaced kitchens, an open modular kitchen layout may offer a pinch of luxury design apt to your interior design. Many opt for this type of layout as it helps you to entertain your guests in the living room while you cook or to take part in family activities as well.

5. Island modular kitchen layout:
Looking for a modernist kitchen look? The island modular kitchen is the preferred option as it is a combination of both the straight and the L-shaped kitchen layout. An island kitchen layout features a breakfast table in the middle so that you can have both cooking and dining done at ease. This is highly beneficial for working employees or parents, who need to get their and their kid’s tiffin ready and have breakfast at home. Unlike other kitchen layouts, you don’t have to carry the plate and dish to a dining room and then carry everything from there to the kitchen sink to clean. Save time and work smart with an island modular kitchen layout.

6. G-shaped or peninsula modular kitchen layout:
A G-shaped layout is pretty much similar to that of an island kitchen layout. The only difference is that the secondary counter (breakfast table) is attached to the normal kitchen countertop and has its seating outside the layout. For kitchen rooms that are small in size, you can avoid placing a dining table and make use of a G-shaped kitchen layout for enhanced living. In such cases, an island table acts as a normal dining table.

7. Galley/ parallel modular kitchen layout:
A galley modular kitchen layout, also known as parallel kitchen layout features two narrow rows of kitchen cabinets facing each other with a narrow walkway in between. A parallel kitchen layout works well with all kitchen styles but is ideally preferred for small kitchen spaces. Having different types of modular kitchen cabinets on both sides, you get ample space to store things. Tall wall cabinets can store all major appliances. Install base cabinets having a darker tone, with the upper cabinets in a lighter shade, to bring a sense of brightness and warmth to the room.

Now that you have come to know the different types of modular kitchen layouts in India, ask yourself a couple of essential questions, regarding which one you like the most and which suits perfectly for your current kitchen. Once you have finalised the layout, you can connect to Würfel modular kitchen designers, who are pioneers in defining the standards of European kitchen design in Indian households. Having consecutively received awards for the best modular kitchen design in India, Würfel is the trusted brand for all your modular interior needs. Visit their website www.wurfel.in and get the latest modular kitchen design at your home, as per your customization and financial requirements.