Island Kitchens That Will Transform Your Home

Modular kitchen designs are an amalgamation of style and functionality. They are no more a luxury unit in a home but  one with a bunch of utility. From the many different styles of modular kitchens available today, let’s talk about island kitchen designs today. The island kitchen is rapidly gaining popularity amongst urban Indian homemakers. They are extremely functional and also help you to enhance the beauty of your home interiors with its visual appeal and aesthetic values. The island kitchen can easily be the highlight of your home.

Island kitchen designs help you to solve a number of problems. The most common being storage. You will be surprised to notice the amount of household and kitchen commodities your kitchen can hold. Apart from the regular cabinets in the kitchen, the island itself provides added storage options. The island also provides you with additional workspace. You can use this space in multiple ways like chopping your vegetables, installing a stove and use for cooking. You can also use it for something more fancy like use it as a dining table for friends and family to gather around the island. The island in the kitchen not only provides cooking and storage benefits, but is also a great place to bond. Use tall units in your island kitchen instead of regular wall cabinets to make your kitchen look classy. Tall units also help you to make your kitchen look less cluttered while taking care of all your storage needs.

With blogging being in trend across the world at the moment, the island kitchen style is a great place to shoot your videos. With a large counter space to work on, it becomes comparatively easy for two or more people to easily move around in the kitchen or set up your equipment to shoot. If your kitchen island is accompanied by a linear kitchen or an L-shaped kitchen style, you can easily achieve the much-desired kitchen work triangle. It is basically a concept used by architects and designers to place the cooking, washing and storage space in a manner so that they are adjacent to each other, hypothetically in the form of a triangle. This allows maximum mobility in the kitchen area and optimum usage of the space available.

You spike the style quotient in your island kitchen by adding mood lights. You can use spotlights, strip lights or hang pendant lights in the kitchen to create different ambiences in the kitchen. Give proper importance to the lighting in your kitchen because without the kitchen being properly illuminated, the finish, texture, colour and details will not be reflected. Make an impact with glass, mirror or stone finish in your island kitchen. Certainly these are not your everyday, regular finishes for a kitchen. Using these textures and finish will make your island kitchen design unique from all. It will, for sure help you to elevate the look and feel of your home interiors.