Kitchen Designs That Make You Feel Like You Are Living Abroad

Whether you are looking to break the traditional norms of a kitchen triangle or trying to add character to your home by incorporating international design standards in your modular kitchen, today let’s discuss modular European kitchen designs that would give you the feeling of living abroad. Irrespective of whether you are looking to invest in a brand new kitchen or trying to renovate your old kitchen, always ensure to get the basics right, like cabinets, appliances, worktops, layout, finish, style, lighting and so forth.

A European kitchen design will incorporate aesthetics, technology and functionality to make everyday work within the kitchen easy and comfortable. Modular kitchens today are not just meant for cooking, it is also used as a place to hang out and bond. This is the space where the family can come together to bond over food and make memories. The most desirable European kitchen design will combine personality and purpose. The design would be a reflection of how you are as a person, your character, taste to the finer things in life and more.

Of the many styles that you can pick from, an island kitchen looks grand any day. The island-style makes the European kitchen design look large and spacious. It will provide a large working space which will make your daily life convenient. Try to accommodate large drawers to add extra storage to your modular kitchen. You can use tall units as an alternative to wall cabinets to make the European kitchen design look classy and make it look absolutely international. You can go for integrated handles for the drawers or cabinets or go absolutely handle less to make the kitchen look truly new age.

You can use unconventional finishes like stone to adorn your beautiful European kitchen design. As you can see in the picture above, the Parthenon kitchen looks stunning and grand in ceramic stone finish. It has a large work top and three tall units that provide a lot of storage options and looks great in a kitchen. All your kitchen appliances and ration can be neatly stacked and kept hidden behind the closed shutters. You can enhance the look of the European kitchen design by adding indoor plants, artefacts or flower vases in and around the kitchen area.

The lighting of the kitchen is also very crucial and contributes to the overall look of the modular kitchen. The finish and the colour of the kitchen will come into notice only when your kitchen is well lit. Use spotlights, profile lights or pendant lights in the kitchen to create different ambiences and make the space look chic and classy. Consider the colour of the flooring in the kitchen because it should complement the colour of your kitchen cabinets. There are a lot of European kitchen designs and styles available today, always choose a brand which provides superior quality. All components that are used in the making of your modular European kitchen design, the hinges, drawer channels, handles, accessories etc. contribute to the overall look and feel of your kitchen. The cumulative success of all these factors would lead to an enriching experience that would give you the essence of using a kitchen, like the ones found abroad.