What is the Best Modular Kitchen Design?

In the modern world, the concept of the kitchen has changed from just a cooking room to an enlarged space that can be used both for dining and cooking. When you are living in big cities, or in township areas, you would know that the modular kitchen design ideas of today, combine both technology and intelligence with exceptional designs, to fit in both small and large spaces.

To choose the best modular kitchen designs for your home, you need to first start by selecting a layout. Defining a layout is the most crucial step in modelling your kitchen. A layout can be defined depending on the kitchen room size and access to the room. For instance, some kitchen rooms have a double entrance, where you can enter from both ends, making it easy to move around in the kitchen. And when it comes to kitchen layout, you can choose from the straight, L-shaped, island, parallel, C-shaped modular kitchen designs. It is upon finalizing the modular kitchen layout that one incorporates suitable accessories to be introduced to it.

Among the modern kitchen layouts available, it is the L-shaped modular kitchen that is considered the best modular kitchen design in India, due to its efficiency in effectively storing things and utilizing the available space. When it comes to designing a modular kitchen, people are under the misinterpretation that designing your kitchen for a modular look may end up emptying your pockets. But this article breaks it to you and gives you an insight into some of the best modular kitchen designs in India.

1. A yellow and white modular kitchen for a warm and cosy look:
If you love the warm tones more, then we recommend giving this chic yellow L-shaped kitchen interior design. The door of the cabinet comes in yellow colour, with proper drawers and shelves that utilise the extra space available in your kitchen. You can also add a splash of chirpy design by adding tri- colour tones having white/black and yellow combinations.

2. Coffee coloured modern L-shaped kitchen:
For all the die-hard coffee lovers out there, this one’s for you. A coffee tone modular kitchen is unique and classy in a way that matches well with all kitchen aesthetics. As coffee colour goes well with white and light wooden tone, this is considered as one of the most elegant modular kitchen designs.

3. Subtle and sophisticated white modern L-shaped kitchen: White can never go wrong when it comes to class and elegance. It is one of the most in-demand colour tones for modular kitchen designs. This white tone looks good on L-shaped kitchen layouts where it allows you to cook while talking to your friends and family. Moreover, a white L-shaped modular kitchen brings in plenty of light and brightness adding more energy and positive vibes to your home.

4. The all-time favourite black and white modular kitchen:
No matter what colour is trending in the kitchen industry at the moment, the killer combination of black and white is to date the best modular kitchen available. It is so beautiful from the inside that everyone will keep staring at the design due to its intricate yet stunning appearance.

5. Contemporary L-shaped kitchen:
Last but not least, a contemporary L-shaped kitchen has been on the rounds these days, due to the abundant storage capacity and the luxurious look that it offers. The wall unit and countertop colour come in contemporary colour variants making it all the more pleasing to the eyes.

Once you have decided on both the layout and the colour palette, you can move on to select the modules and kitchen cabinets as they are the core elements of a modular kitchen layout. Each module includes a wall unit, base unit, tower unit, racks, shelves, and drawers for optimum storage purposes. Shelf modules come in budgetary rates while drawers are moderately priced. You might be charged high for the pullouts, which is a sophisticated addition that will help add to an intelligent kitchen. From pulldown systems to floor stickers, trolleys, and smart corner solutions, there is a wide range of storage solutions that easily compliments modular kitchen designs.

The quality of the material used can become a game-changer when it comes to the overall look of your kitchen. As a homeowner, you need to check for the quality and looks of the modular kitchen material you are using. It is necessary to test the material against water corrosion, termites and make sure that the kitchen cabinets function effectively for at least 15 years. These materials come in a variety of finishes such as acrylic, polymers, veneer, laminates, foil, MDF, and many more. The good thing about installing a modular kitchen is that once you invest in a modular kitchen, you can rest assured about its durability and functionality, as they are known for durability and strength. You can also crosscheck with the cost incurred for carpenter-made designs and compare to see the final result. Lastly, you need to choose the right accessories to complete your contemporary kitchen look. This means you need to be careful while choosing the right appliances like chimney/hoods, microwave, oven, refrigerator, etc.

Now that you know about what the whole modular kitchen concept entails, and have an idea about the different layout patterns, colour palettes, and the right accessories to include etc., you need to also understand the importance of choosing the right modular kitchen interior designer. Unless you have a professional designer and their team to advise you with the best-suited design and theme, you will end up wasting your money on inappropriate designs that don’t go well with your kitchen aesthetics.

That said, Würfel is one of those highly professional modular kitchen brands known for its award-winning designs. From a minimalistic kitchen look to one that showcases a modern and luxurious aesthetic, Würfel has a lot more than you can expect. The fact that the brand chooses the finest fittings and materials, without compromising on quality, is what sets it apart. With constant updates in global design trends, you get to install the trending piece of art and culture at your home. You can visit the Würfel website to get more details about the services offered or check for the nearest Würfel studio in your area.