Modern Kitchen Designs For Small Spaces

With smaller homes, the limitation of space becomes the ultimate problem. If you incorporate some clever and innovative approaches, it will help you come up with the perfect design for your small modern kitchen. The modern kitchen layouts that work best for small modern kitchen is the linear and the parallel modular kitchen design because they provide optimum space efficiency. Some additional design tips to help you achieve the perfect small modern kitchen are as follows

1. Go For An All-White Kitchen:
With respect to smaller homes or apartments, choosing lighter colours allows you to achieve a more inviting, bright and positive look for your kitchen space. White is known for its property of reflecting light, which helps you make your small modern kitchen look more open. You can include different shades and textures of white for your small modern kitchen to include some variation in the overall design. Include matte or glossy textures along with shades such as cream, off-white, ivory etc., to achieve an elegant and modern look.

2. Lighting:
Proper lighting is the key element of any interior design project. When it comes to small modern kitchens having statement lighting makes or breaks the whole deal. Lighting allows you to add additional flair to your kitchen design.

3. Add Green Plants:
The introduction of plants to any space give it a happier and wholesome vibe. If you get a good amount of natural light in your small modern kitchen space then you can place a bigger-sized plant next to the fridge to infuse life in your kitchen space.

4. Add Kitchen Appliances:
Adding in-built kitchen appliances is the key to help combat the space constraints of a small modern kitchen. You can also go for smart kitchen appliances like an oven-cum-microwave to further help you achieve space efficiency. The primary benefit of having in-built appliances is that they remain concealed and doesn’t disrupt the flow of your small modern kitchen design as a whole.

5. Add open shelves:
If you wish to include shelves for additional storage options, then make sure to prevent them from looking cluttered. Having open shelves allows you to showcase your fancy dishware and keeps all your frequently used kitchen items within reach.

6. Include Reflective Elements:
Small modern kitchens requires you to create an illusion of space by adding reflective materials like mirrors and glass, to add a more spacious look to the space. Introducing glass doors for your kitchen cabinets gives you a more open looking design for your small modern kitchen. If you add a mirrored backsplash in your design, it will give your kitchen a style statement of its own. Adding mirrors also help make your small room look airier and brighter due to their reflective property. Mirrors reflect light and make small rooms appear brighter and larger.

7. Choose an open kitchen design:
Open kitchen layouts are the perfect choice for smaller homes or apartments. The best small modern kitchen layout is an L-shaped or a U-shaped kitchen. Having an open kitchen is the best possible way for you to make optimum use of the available space.

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