Make Your Home Airy With Open Kitchen Designs

As opposed to a concealed area confined to one particular end of your home, an open kitchen seamlessly fits in with the interior design layout of your living area or your dining room. Modern open kitchen designs are meant to replicate the same flow of style and design that is part of the rest of your home. At times, they can also be designed as such to merge with the outdoor areas of your home to create a fun and open dining space.

Open Kitchen Designs With Kitchen Islands:
island kitchens is an integral part of any modern open kitchen design, especially when you are planning to restore a closed space because mostly counter spaces are lost when the walls are broken down. Also, the advantage of adding an island in your modern open kitchen design is that it perfectly blends in the work triangle with it and thereby gives rise to a perfect relationship between the prepping area, the sink and the major appliances in your kitchen. It also allows room for additional storage space in your modern open kitchen design.

Open Kitchen Design With The Right Lighting:
Lighting is often overlooked by people while designing their kitchen areas. However, having good lighting is an integral part of a modern open kitchen design because it helps make your open kitchen space look more inviting and lively. Having task as well as decorative lighting options will help ensure that you have proper lighting at the proper place which will ensure that your kitchen space has both functional and stylish appeal.

Open Kitchen Design Having Two Tones:
A two-toned kitchen is one of the most trendiest modern open kitchen design and it has been popular for quite some time now. Having a kitchen design layout with two primary colour sequences helps bring in dimension to an open space. You can choose a darker colour for the base cabinets and a lighter colour for the wall cabinets.While the darker colour gives definition to the modern open kitchen design, the lighter colours add the illusion of space and make the kitchen look more airy and bright.

Open Kitchen Designs For Smaller Spaces:
For smaller homes and apartments, the key is to make the modern open kitchen design look both minimal and functional. Smaller spaces need a clean, space-efficient and cosy appeal on the whole and in order to best incorporate these three aspects in your kitchen design layout, you can opt for either an L-shaped or a U-shaped kitchen.

An All-White Open Kitchen Design:
The colour white is known for its ability to make any space look more spacious and bright. You can use the different shades of white like ivory, cream, off-white etc., to help bring in some variety to your modern open kitchen design. You can also mix and match with monochrome shades or some simple colour alternatives.

Glass Doors As Faux Partitions:
Having glass doors as false partition works best when you wish to separate your kitchen space from your living room area or your dining room. Glass doors also creates the illusion of having more space and light in your modern open kitchen design and that works perfectly with the overall theme of an open kitchen layout.

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