Beautiful parallel kitchen designs for your home

The kitchen is considered to be the heart of the home, and rightly so. The kitchen is a space where you prepare meals for your family. It is important that your kitchen design is both functional and practical. Our kitchen design largely depends on the space available. A good kitchen design will help you get the most out of the space available. It is important to keep in mind the kitchen work triangle before finalizing on your kitchen design. These days modular kitchens can be customized to the design that suits your style and your space. There are different types of kitchen layouts you can choose from like the U-shaped kitchen, L shaped kitchen, island kitchen, linear kitchen and parallel kitchen.

The parallel shaped kitchen layout is ideal for homes that are short on space. This layout is extremely efficient and functional. The parallel kitchen design consists of cabinets that are placed against one wall. This wall can have both wall cabinets and base cabinets, creating a very clean aesthetically pleasing space. Here are a few ideas for your parallel kitchen design.

Minimalist parallel kitchen: A trending style!
In simplicity, lies utmost elegance. Parallel kitchens that are centered around simple colours and cabinets, allowing you to store the basic essentials can be considered as a minimalist parallel kitchen. They give the parallel kitchen a very airy and spacious feel.

Wine and dine parallel kitchen: Entertainment zone
This parallel kitchen allows you to entertain your guests while preparing a meal! By adding a kitchen island, you can convert the island into the bar counter by adding a built-in wine rack. You can even glass cabinets on which you can showcase your liquor collection. Add a couple of bar stools and you’re all set to have a fun night in!

Futuristic parallel kitchen: Enter into the future!
Parallel modular kitchens can be converted into a kitchen that looks like it has come from another dimension with just a few minor upgrades. You can upgrade your cabinets by converting them into handleless ones. Push to open mechanism has gained a lot of popularity these days and gives your kitchen a more streamlined appearance. They even make your parallel kitchen look much more spacious and this is a big deal especially when you have little space to work with.

Black Parallel kitchen: An epitome of luxury
These days dark colours have been a growing trend. A parallel kitchen with matt finish black cabinets are the definition of sleek! They give an extremely modern and luxurious look to your kitchen design. However, with black kitchens, it’s important that you have proper lighting or it could look very gloomy. With the right lighting, you can transform the kitchen into a chick and classy one in no time!

White parallel kitchen: Smooth as silk!
An all-white parallel kitchen can transform your kitchen space into one with elegance and class. They not only make your kitchen look clean but also spacious. In smaller space, an all-white kitchen can make a ton of difference, and with the right finish, like glass, they will be easy to maintain and give your kitchen a posh and refined appearance.

Chefs have always recommended parallel kitchen designs, they provide ample vertical storage space and allows more than one person to work in them. To know more about kitchen layouts, visit our website Würfel. Well renowned brands like Würfel provides you with a wide range of kitchen designs to suit your style and your home. Using only top-of-the-line European machinery, we bring you a premium quality European product. Würfel was awarded the “Best Modular Kitchen” & “The Most Innovative Kitchen”. To know more about parallel kitchens, visit a Würfel studio near you. Click here for more details.