15 Parallel Kitchen Designs That Will Enrich Your Home

Parallel kitchens, which are sometimes known as gallery kitchens is a design where you have two separate kitchens which are parallel to each other. This type of kitchen design is commonly used in apartments or condos where there are space constraints. Regardless of having space constraints, the parallel kitchen is excellent while cooking because this gives you the perfect work triangle. You can have your cooking and cleaning area at one part and your electrical and storage on the other part of the kitchen which will make cooking and cleaning seem effortless. We’re going to take you through some parallel kitchen designs which will enhance the value of your kitchen.

Suneke Kitchen: An island not too far!
The parallel kitchen is not only made for tight kitchen spaces. If you have a big kitchen space, try adding an island in the middle.

White kitchen: All white everything
When you have a small kitchen space with a parallel kitchen design, white colours tend to make the space seem brighter and bigger.

Mirrored Parallel: A Mirage
The parallel kitchen equipped with mirrored shutters will make the kitchen space seem bigger.

All Back Parallel: Black Beauty
If you have light wall colour shades, a black or dark colour finish for the shutter will make for an excellent combination and will highlight your kitchen.

Extra Space: Conver-table
You can have a table which pulls out from the top base cabinet drawer and acts as an extended counter space. When not in use, it can be pushed back into the cabinet.

Stone Kitchen: Nature at its best
Using a ceramic stone finish for your kitchen will add a feel of nature to your kitchen. Ceramic stones come in various colours and are very durable.

Laminate Kitchen: Contemporary Feel 
The laminate finish is the most common finish used for kitchens because they come in different colours and patterns. The laminate finishes are common also because they’re friendly on your wallet. Using a walnut or vanilla laminate finish gives the kitchen a solid wood feel.

Classic Extra Matt Lacquer: Beautiful French doors
A classic extra matt lacquer finish is probably the most versatile of all the finishes since it is available in any colour you desire. The advantage of the lacquer finish is that you can have the same shutters repainted in the future if ever you feel like changing the colour.

Natural Wood Veneers: Retro Vibes
Using natural wood veneers are less common but this solely depends on the theme of your home. If you have wood vibes throughout the house, then the natural wood veneer is the finish for you. The advantage with this finish is that you can have the veneer re-polished after years which gives it a new look.

Poly Lacquer kitchen: Polished Brilliance
A gloss or matt poly lacquer finish is great if you’re looking to add glam to the kitchen but are not willing to shell out the extra penny. This finish is versatile and is a great combination with the laminate finishes.

Colour Combination: Spice things up
Plain colours might seem boring to some. If you’re looking to have a combination of colours, ensure the two colours are separated and not in the same modules. You can have a different colour for the wall cabinets and another for the base cabinets. This type of colour combination gives an elegant look to your kitchen.

Lights: Light it up
Lights are arguably the most important elements in modern design. Adding strip or spotlights give a sense of depth and warmth in the kitchen.

Gallery Rails: Waste no space!
Since parallel kitchens are usually small by adding a gallery rail by the dado to hang different kitchen tools helps to save on your drawer space.

Handles: Grip it right
Handles are commonly external and placed on the shutter. However, this style of handles is a bit old school as they tend to damage the look of the finish. Going handle-less is the trend now and you can have profiles inside the cabinets which serves the same purpose without damaging the look of the finish. Whether it’s a parallel, L-Shape or U-shape, this goes for all kitchen types.

Countertops are often ignored while designing a kitchen and this shouldn’t be the case. The countertop adds its own vibe to the kitchen. There are different stone tops in the market but the colour of your countertops should always match or complement the finish of the shutters. This single design element can change the look of your kitchen even if you’re using the best finish in the market.

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