Modern living room themes to consider for your perfect home

The living room is a space that is most used in any home, so designing your living room interior requires meticulous planning. There are plenty of living room themes that you can use to dictate what your living space looks like. This completely depends on your personal style and requirement. A few points to be kept in mind while choosing a theme are factors like functionality, aesthetics and living room decoration. It is also important to invest in good seating as your living room would primarily be the space you entertain guests. Here are a few living room themes to give you some inspiration on designing your living room interiors!

Minimalist living room theme: Let your living space breathe!
When done right, a minimalist living room can transform your living room interior into a chic and clutter free space. This is an amazing theme to follow for a modern home. It requires very little maintenance and gives your home an organized look. To incorporate this theme in your living room interior, think neutral and think minimum! Opt for neutrals shades of colour for your walls and furniture. You can even choose to have one accent wall of a different shade, to add a bit of colour and avoid being monotonous. You can also add indoor plants to add some life to your living room interior.

Contemporary living room theme: Keep up with the times!
This modern living room theme brings with it a variety of colours and patterns. These elements can be incorporated into your living furniture and décor. From colourful shades of sofas and armchairs to luxurious looking TV units and coffee tables. The modern living room theme is all about what’s “in” in the market! But tread carefully! It is very easy to overpower your living room interior with bold colours. Always ensure you maintain a healthy balance between your choice of colours and décor.

Traditional living room theme: Old is gold!
Some of us are more traditional in our approach to decorating our living rooms. It’s fairly easy to transform your room into a traditional living space. Opt for furniture and décor that are more traditional in style. For example, detailed furniture, ornate lamps or even a rustic framed mirror. You can even add wallpaper to your living room to make it look a little more traditional. Adding a rug or carpet with some rich colours can enhance your living room interiors even more!

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