Buying Guide For Your Armchair

The armchair is a luxurious refuge we all look forward to settling ourselves on at the end of a hectic day of work. Where else can you kick back and relax for a little “me” time? The armchair is not just meant to be an additional seating space, but can also act as an accent chair or statement piece in the room you decide to place it in. Armchairs are not restricted to just living rooms, these days homeowners place armchairs even in the bedroom. They provide a cosy place to nestle down with a book or have a cup of coffee on a rainy day. Armchairs in the living room act as additional seating space for when you have guests over and can even have the ability to anchor your living room décor. This piece of furniture can add an immense amount of personality to your living space and has become a necessity today. This comfortable, cushioned piece of heaven is a must for every home and here are a few tips to keep in mind before buying an armchair for your home.

Size: Ensure it fits
There is nothing worse than buying an armchair that fails to fit in your home. It is vital that you are aware of the space you have to place the armchair or you can end up with either an oversized armchair or one that is too small. Armchairs don’t come cheap, so it is very important that you measure the length, height and width of the space available before finalizing on an armchair. Armchairs come in a wide array of shapes, sizes and designs. Some homeowners like the big, cushioned ones while there are some who like the moderately cushioned ones. Ensure that you measure the space available for your armchair and compare it to the size of the armchair you are choosing.

Material: Know your fabrics!
Before buying an armchair, you need to carefully select the material that you want. This can vary from person to person, some like the lusciously soft while others prefer firmer materials like leather. You will be using the armchair for years to come, so ensure you feel comfortable when you sit on it. There are various materials available in the market now from velvet, leather, polyester etc. It is better to go and physically touch and feel the armchairs at a studio to have a better idea of how they would feel sitting on them. However, it’s not just the upholstery you need to check, also ensure the wooden frame of the armchair is made from reliable materials. Fabric upholstery is now available in bold prints and patterns and is resistant to stains. Leather gives a high-end modern look to your home and is firmer than fabric upholstery.

Colour: Classic elegance or daringly modern?
Armchairs can come in a wide variety of colours. While some homeowners choose to go with armchairs that suit and match the rest of the home décor, a lot of homeowners these days choose to be daring and opt for bright, vivid colours that are a contrast to the rest of the furniture. This can often spark an interesting conversation over drinks! Neutral work in most homes, they can always be paired with a vibrant coloured cushion to add some life. But if you like to make a bold statement, go for a bright and contrasting colour like red or orange. These colourful armchairs serve as the perfect accent chairs in your living room.

Quality: Be aware!
The filling of the armchair has to be of good quality for them to have good resistance to wear and tear. The armchair is a piece of furniture that most families will use on a daily basis, so it’s important that you choose an armchair that comes from a reputable brand and have a good warranty period.

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