Home Interior Designs and Re-Modelling Tips

In our everyday life and in the routine set up of our personal and professional life we need some changes to spice it things up. Re-modeling your home makes life convenient and also cuts down the monotony. When you get back home to your newly remodelled modern home interiors, it can help you to reduce your stress and unwind in your cozy home setup. But when we talk about re-modelling our homes the biggest fear is overshooting the budget.

Below are some of the easiest home re-modelling tips to make your home look new without burning a hole in your pocket.

1. Make way for more light without adding windows – Adding a large mirror to the wall will stimulate light plays and will give a window-like effect. It will not only bounce light but also add a sense of depth to the room which will help to break the monotony. Use a mirror that reaches up to the ceiling but stops 6 inches below the ceiling line. Painting the walls white is another simple trick that makes your room spacious and inspires freshness. Use a large piece of art as a wall hanging. Make sure that the frames are white or metallic. It will break the wall monotony and also feel therapeutic to the eye.

2. Hidden lights – Tucking a few lights here and there which do not give away their exact position by exposing themselves will add more freshness to your room. The effect of indirect glow somewhat makes the room mysterious. Place them in between beams or behind your furniture like a sofa or bookshelf. Lights will pour out from everywhere which will mimic the window effect.

3. Flooring – When it comes to flooring people tend to lose courage as it is time-consuming and requires hard work. But when you change the flooring you literally step into a new house. Go for bamboo or wooden flooring. It is a global trend now. Architects and designers are using eco-friendly ideas to decorate modern house interiors. Wooden flooring is not only a part of your bedroom or your dining hall, you can also plan your kitchen interior design with it. It adds a sense of sophistication to your house. The vintage and unpolished look can take you on a vacation. You can also opt for timber flooring. It is durable, eco-friendly and cheaper than wood or bamboo.

4. Furniture – There is nothing ‘wow’ about coming home to your old furniture. Furniture is durable and can last really long. So go hunt for furniture that suits your remodelled home.

5. Go green – Whether it is for your home or office interior design, green has the ability to take it to the next level. The tropical theme will go a long way in giving your house character. Remodeling a home is all about reviving your mood and breaking the monotony. Planting small decorative show plants and trees in your rooms and balcony will radiate freshness and it will also impact people who visit.

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