How to Choose a Wardrobe

Believe it or not, if your bedroom is a mess, it can adversely affect your psychological balance and impact your rest time, creating practical annoyance. That is why experts recommend finding the right balance of style and functionality between your wardrobe and bedroom furniture that syncs perfectly with the theme of your room. Though this may sound a bit tricky, proper analysis and knowledge about certain factors can help you achieve it without much hassle.

1. Type of storage space:
If you are planning to get a wardrobe, there are hundreds of different options available in the market that come in different styles, features, colours, and finishes. So, to start with, the first factor to determine is to analyse the type of storage space that you are looking for in your wardrobe design? Are you looking for a space to hang your clothes in the wardrobe, or for drawers to fit in your smaller clothing items? Are you looking for a combination of both? Once you have decided on the sort of storage space you require, you can think about going ahead with choosing your perfect wardrobe option.

2. Wardrobe size:
You need to know the height and the width of the wardrobe to be able to make the right choice regarding the size of your wardrobe design. An ideal wardrobe should be one that aesthetically matches the theme and size of your room. Having a small-sized bedroom and buying a giant wardrobe can have a positive impact on the look and feel of your room, as it helps you to make maximum utilization of the space and storage. Also, think about the shelves and the drawers before you choose because many wardrobes today offer super-innovative interior designs with built-in shoe racks, jewellery drawers, and hidden racks to store valuables and confidential documents. The depth of shelves, their height, width, etc., play a very vital role in deciding the right type of wardrobe for your bedroom.

3. Types of wardrobe:
Another factor to be considered before you buy a bedroom wardrobe is to look for the 
different types of wardrobes available. Whether you need a freestanding wardrobe or a wardrobe design having a two-door panel or a three-door panel, there are plenty of available options. A sliding wardrobe eliminates the need to open doors outwards and it looks good in a smaller-spaced bedroom. But hinged wardrobes are more common and can be easily installed.

4. Material and finish:
The material, colour, and surface finish of your wardrobe have a huge impact on contributing to its style and to the level of elegance that it offers. From bespoke designs to contemporary modern ones, you can choose from a wide range of materials, in which they come. You can opt for veneer, MDF or particleboard with your preferred choice of finish.

5. A style to match the aesthetics of your room:
Bedroom wardrobe options come in different styles and designs to meet individual style requirements. Pick shades that match your existing wall colour and the palette of your bedroom for a great visual experience. You can also opt for a wardrobe that comes with decorative doors and ornamental interiors. Contemporary interiors are in high demand now, so you can choose a stylish open wardrobe design that has no doors to help achieve a clean and minimalistic look for your bedroom wardrobe.

6. Choose wisely without compromising on quality:
There are a lot of materials available in the market for you to choose from. If you want your wardrobe to be durable then choose a material with the highest quality because buying a wardrobe will be a one-time investment. Hence, ensure that you buy one that is resistant to termites and moisture, is durable and is sturdy enough to look sleek and elegant for a long duration of time.

7. Look for customization:
It can be heartbreaking if the wardrobe that you have selected doesn’t fit the dimensions of your room. To avoid that, you must ensure that you check the dimensions, room space, floor space etc., before finalizing one. If you don’t like a ready-made one, you can also customise and make one that exactly meets your preferences and cater to your needs.

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