Trending Handles For Bedroom Wardrobes And Modular Kitchens

Bedroom Wardrobes And Modular Kitchens

Most of us don’t even consider thinking about the door handles while looking for the perfect designs for our modular kitchens and bedroom wardrobes. Cabinet door handles for the kitchen and bedroom wardrobes are the final touches we give to the overall interior design, just like the final decoration for a dish we are preparing.

There are many types of door handles to make your interior look a bit more modern. Different materials are used in manufacturing the door handles depending on your requirements. The door handles designs are also dependent on where you want the handles to be. For example, for the upper cabinets, the handles are placed lower than normal for better access.

Now, let’s focus on some of the designs and the material used for the handles of the wardrobe and kitchen cabinets that are trending in the market today:

1.  The Classic and Evergreen Knobs:
The classic doorknobs are round in shape and can fit in our hands completely. They are generally used on doors that open outwards and not for sliding wardrobe designs. In kitchens, the knobs can be used the same way for the cabinets as well as for pullouts. As the classic doorknobs have been in fashion for a long time, the knobs can do wonders for modular kitchen designs and bedroom wardrobes by adding a vintage look or an old school feel. The advantage of getting knobs for your modular kitchen and bedroom wardrobes is that most of the knob designs require only a single hole to be fitted into the door. It can be fixed with a screw and a bolt without much hassle.

Trending Bedroom Wardrobes And Modular Kitchens

2.  Pull Out Handles for Kitchen Cabinets:
The pull out handles for kitchen cabinets can be the best finishing touch for the modern modular kitchen design. The pull out handles come in a variety of designs that suit the kitchen interior. They can be made out of wood or metal to go with the design that can add value to the overall appeal of the kitchen. They are installed horizontally for ease of access in the kitchen. They are very easy to install and use in almost all types of modular kitchen designs. They come in different sizes that go well with the size of the kitchen cabinets too. The pull out handles can be a bad choice for a vintage looking design as they do not go well with the whole vibe of the interior.

3.  Traditional Metal Handles:
Much like the pull out handles for kitchen cabinets mentioned above, the traditional metal or stainless steel handle designs can be installed in the bedroom wardrobes irrespective of the type of door. They have to be installed vertically for the bedroom wardrobes. They can be easy to use and can be a perfect addition to the modern look of the bedroom wardrobe. As the bedroom is associated with your comfort zone in your house, the pullout handles are a better option as they are more comfortable and easy to use. They go well with bulky or sleek looking wardrobes and they also look good with a bedroom wardrobe having a minimalistic design. With the variety of designs available, you can select the right handle that can go well with a vintage and an old school design or a modern design for the bedroom wardrobes.

4.  Edge Profile Handles for a Sleek Look:
The edge profile handles are a modern addition to the interior designs. They are designed in such a way that the handles are integrated into the door of the kitchen cabinet and bedroom wardrobes. They are generally made using materials like aluminium and stainless steel but they can also be made of the same material  as the door. The edge profile handles don’t protrude out of the door but they are imbibed into the door so that they can be easily used for sliding doors in bedroom wardrobes. The edge profile wardrobes are recommended for lower cabinets in the kitchen that are designed to pull out.

Installing the edge profile handle in the upper cabinets in the kitchen can be quite disastrous because the upper cabinets are not designed to pull out but to open outward. They can also not be installed on the overhead doors in the bedroom wardrobe designs as they are also not pull-out type doors in any bedroom wardrobe design.

Latest Bedroom Wardrobes And Modular Kitchens

5.  Handleless Cabinets for a Neat and Minimalistic Addition:
The cabinets where you like to put your exotic kitchenware or cabinets where you like to keep showpieces of art in your bedroom need a glass door. The handleless cabinet doors can add functionality and help you show off your collection. As the handleless cabinet doors are mostly made of glass, you can go handleless. They are extremely easy to use. They are push-to-open cabinet doors. A light press on the doors will pop open the doors and a gentle push followed by a popping sound will close the cabinet door. As the glass door can go well with any modular kitchen design and bedroom wardrobe design, you can go for a handleless design any day.

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