Ten Global Trends That Inspire Indian Modular Kitchens

Indian Modular Kitchens

While searching for the perfect modular kitchen interior for your homes, you might come across some modular kitchen designs that were awe-inspiring but not really available in India. This can be a huge letdown, especially if you don’t like any other design. Well… there are some global trends that inspire the modern Indian modular kitchen designs and are absolutely perfect for Indian homes. Here are some of the modular kitchen designs by Würfel Kuche that are inspired by global kitchen trends-

1.  My Story Kitchen:
The “My Story Kitchen” is an art form that depicts your story. You can get your story told on a canvas that will go on the walls of your kitchen. This modular kitchen is tailor-made as per personal requirements and stories which means no two “My Story Kitchen” themed modular kitchens are the same.

This modular kitchen is one of a kind across the globe. This is an interior design that comes with an island in the kitchen. Your story can be depicted around the island and around the kitchen walls. What else can be a better option other than a kitchen that is as unique as your personality!

2.  The Pulse Kitchen:
The Italian inspired Pulse Kitchen series was first introduced in India by Würfel Kuche. The usage of glass and gems in this modular kitchen makes it exceptional, just like a fantasy land out of a fairytale. It is the only modular kitchen that comes with a black lacquer finish on its refrigerator unit, countertop, skirting and hinges. The Vetrite glass used in this design is available in various shades and colours to make your kitchen bright and full of life.

3.  Stellar Kitchen:
The Stellar kitchen can be best described as simple, resourceful and hassle-free. The Stellar kitchen is spacious, has additional storage options thanks to the island design and it has an extended breakfast counter so that you can store some extra snacks. This modular island kitchen design comes with a laminate finish too, so you don’t have to put in extra effort to clean the kitchen.

Global Trends Modular Kitchens

4.  Gold Kitchen:
An island modular kitchen can’t get any more perfect than the Gold Kitchen. The island can act as extra storage that you can customise to build a wine rack, a coffee mug holder, utensil rack or anything you can think of really. The Gold Modular KItchen has a bronze mirror finish giving it a bright and extravagant look. It also comes with wooden flooring so that your feet can rest on a flooring that is not too hard on the sole of your feet if you stand in one place for long periods of time. The countertop is made of top quality quartz directly imported from Europe. The Gold kitchen is highly durable and has low maintenance.

5.  Lark Kitchen:
The Lark modular kitchen comes out on top when it comes to maximizing storage and simplicity. It has a high-quality grey poly lacquer finish that contributes to its beauty. An island design with drawers in the range of one hand makes accessing the drawers simple too. This cosy design and spacious kitchen make it perfect for the family to hang out and share gossip or food or both.

6. Prism Kitchen:
The Prism modular kitchen understands that the kitchen space is not only for cooking purposes but also for the family to spend quality time together. Built using the top-quality materials imported from Europe, the Prism kitchen is the perfect place in the house that has a balanced luxurious feel to it.

It has a high gloss lacquer finish and floating base cabinets. They can create an illusion of floating cabinets if the cabinets are mounted directly to the walls. It also comes with a glass stovetop and built-in chimney. The key to making this modular kitchen design flawless is to choose the best lighting to create a balance between form, function and beauty.

7. Victorian Kitchen:
This modular kitchen design is inspired by the middle eastern culture in the Victorian era. The ornate detailing, rich colours and an old-fashioned charm back from the Victorian era are the things the Victorian kitchen gets its charisma from. The classic style has a blue extra matt lacquer finish with a mirror finish. The wall cabinets come with a white matte lacquer finish but with a clear glass where you can show off your glassware or your exotic dishware. The Victorian modular kitchen is perfect for royal exuberance.

8. Zen Kitchen:
The Zen Kitchen with an island is a relatively new design introduced to Indian kitchens by Würfel Kuche. Since the kitchen space has gotten bigger, the space available in the kitchen can be used for more efficient purposes. The open modular kitchen concept of the Zen Kitchen makes it possible for an L-shaped kitchen to be converted to a U-shaped kitchen just by adding an island. The lacquer and synchronised laminate finish of the Zen kitchen will let you experiment with different colours and any scratches and imperfections developed over time will be a lot less visible and the eyes can focus on the bright design of the kitchen.

Modular Kitchens

9. El-Lucido Kitchen:
This El-Lucido kitchen design is probably the one to blow your mind the most. This design by Würfel Kuche has a touch of nature to it. It is built using eco-friendly raw materials imported from Europe, which results in a rustic and earthy kitchen. This is a U-shaped kitchen to make the best use of the space, big or small, and include a breakfast counter. The matte black lacquer finish for the countertop is like an extra topping that compliments the earthly design.

10. Sahara Kitchen:
Your imagination is spot-on if you thought of the great Sahara desert just now. The Sahara modular kitchen design is inspired by the Sahara desert. The breakfast table is joined to the island with a small partition in the middle where you can store spices or fill it up with plants, just like an oasis in the Sahara desert. This modular kitchen design has a bi-fold lift mechanism for its upper cabinets with a pearl white shade with a lacquer finish to compliment the brown and beige shade of the kitchen. The Sahara Kitchen comes with an in-built chimney and the countertop has an in-built electric hob. If you want a sleek and contemporary design with maximum functionality, the Sahara modular kitchen should be your choice.

Würfel is an interior designing brand that has won numerous awards since its inception in 2015. Being a relatively young brand, it is a matter of pride that Würfel Kuche has won the Times Business Award for the best modular kitchen brand four years in a row. The modular kitchen designs by Würfel Kuche are inspired by the trends around the world and they use the best raw materials imported from Europe for their projects.