Five Classic Kitchen Lamps That Never Run Out Of Style

Modular Kitchen Lamps

The Modular kitchen in our house is one place that can begin to look boring and less attractive given the kind of work that happens there. We also tend to ignore the design aspects of a kitchen most of the time as the main focus always remains on functionality.

Making the kitchen look appealing is as important as the other factors. Hence, your modular kitchen design ideas must include the aesthetics of the space and you can always use patterns, decors, and colours to suit your preference.

One very underrated aspect of décor is the lighting. It is often overlooked and even goes unnoticed. But the lighting has the power to transform a space into something spectacular. When it is used in the right manner, good lighting can make up for all the flaws in the kitchen and make it look a whole lot better.

Lighting may be both utilitarian and attractive. It can also draw attention to the appealing elements of your home, such as those in the kitchen. Lighting should be planned as a focal point, not just as a functional component, during the design phase. This is particularly significant in open-concept kitchens, where the cooking area and the dining room are combined.

The lighting in a kitchen is crucial for a variety of reasons. To begin, make sure you have a well-lit work area that allows you to see what you’re doing and keeps you safe while you’re cooking. So that food preparation is simple and efficient, the counters and other diverse surfaces should be appropriately lighted.

We are here to shed some light on kitchen lamps and lighting ideas that never go out of style!

1. Go classy with white:
One thing you can never go wrong with is the colour white. Including white in a kitchen is not a good idea given how much it is prone to stains. But a smart way of including the colour in the kitchen will be by including white ceiling lamp lights. The lights will be far away from the stains and moisture in the kitchen and will balance out the ambience with soft lighting. It’s definitely a must when it comes to kitchen design ideas.

Kitchen Lamps

2. Glass-orb pendant lights:
If you want a simplistic approach for the lighting in your kitchen yet you wish to keep it stylish, then you should definitely go for the glass-orb pendant lights. These lights look subtle and very effortlessly add a charm to the space without overpowering other elements in the kitchen. They come in various designs, patterns and colours for you to choose from. If you want to explore and find the best design ideas and options for your kitchen then you should definitely check out Würfel. They have a variety of options for modular kitchens and help you achieve your dream kitchen.

3. Make it fancy with a chandelier:
Chandeliers in the kitchen might not be a regular phenomenon but are definitely worth trying. We might not use many fancy items in the kitchen as functionality plays a very important role in this space, so lighting can be a smart department where you can play around with creativity. Chandeliers need not be grand always,  there are many designs that come with subtle yet attractive patterns which can elevate the look of your kitchen. The trick is to find the right one that’ll blend in with the interiors of the kitchen.

4. Play with patterns:
The kitchen has an easy tendency to look boring since we cannot incorporate too many things as it can become messy. A quick and easy way to add some creativity to the kitchen space is to use lights or lamps with interesting patterns. There is so much variety in the lights, and you can incorporate the ones with patterns. From floral to monochrome, the list is long enough to explore and find just the right combination for your kitchen. It is a subtle way to add some fun and creativity to your kitchen design ideas and make them look attractive. Make sure to synchronise the designs and patterns of the light with the wall and floor decor and also with the colours used in the kitchen.

4. Hang the lanterns:
The lanterns have always been here and they are definitely here to stay as they are timeless and elegant. The kitchen is one space in the house that is always filled with things, hence we cannot add many fancy decors and items there. Adding lanterns in the kitchen can be one quick way to make it aesthetically pleasing without putting in much effort. When hanging in an unexpected location, such as the kitchen, lanterns are a vintage fixture that nonetheless feels modern. Choose an inside finish for the lamp that complements your decor.

Kitchen Lamps

If you don’t want to go for the options mentioned above then you can try to experiment with other lighting options for your kitchen design ideas like Moroccan, play with textures, incorporate elements from nature, add brass accents, try bold colours, paint your lights etc. Experimenting with kitchen lamps and lights can be a very safe way to make the space look stylish and modern.

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