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Wardrobes in the bedroom do not act only as storage units but also make a fashion statement. There are numerous wardrobes available that have various uses and functions. To transform a simple bedroom wardrobe into a statement piece you need to have an eye-catching design, colours that suit the interiors of the bedroom, designs that make the most of the space and it should look and feel good to you because it is your wardrobe and it is unlikely that anyone else is going to use it, at least in the near future.

There are many bedroom wardrobe types and designs that can help you to spice up your interiors and make a fashion statement with your bedroom wardrobe designs. We will mainly focus on hinged wardrobes and sliding wardrobes in this blog. Some of the designs of the hinged and sliding wardrobes are mentioned below:

1. Bastille Wardrobe:
The Bastille Wardrobe is a hinged bedroom wardrobe and it can suit almost any type of bedroom interior. The Bastille wardrobe design was inspired by a french medieval fortress by the same name. This bedroom wardrobe has two sections and has mirrors on it. It is 15-feet high and it can be of any width according to the size of your bedroom as it’s a modular wardrobe design. The wood laminate finish with mirrors will give the bedroom wardrobe an overall eye-catching appeal and no one could resist looking at it at least once. With the Bastille wardrobe being a hinged wardrobe, it has more functionality than sliding wardrobes. Once you open the doors, you will be able to see your whole wardrobe, this is not the case when dealing with sliding wardrobes.

Neutral Walls With Wardrobes

2. Mezo Wardrobe:
The Mezo wardrobe is a sliding bedroom wardrobe that can be installed even if you don’t have a big empty space in your bedroom. The Mezo wardrobe is 8-feet high and is divided into two sections of 4 feet each with two sliding doors. The gloss finish with white and grey is the highlight of the Mezo wardrobe design. The door handles are installed into the doors because they are sliding doors and one door handle can come in the way of the other while sliding the doors. The Mezo wardrobe has brushed aluminium door handles that add to the look of glossy white and grey finish.

3. Rahmour Wardrobe:
The Rahmour Wardrobe is one of the best modular bedroom wardrobe designs offered by Würfel. It has the classic hinged door mechanism. It has a white high-gloss and laminate finish for the best possible look. The dimensions of the wardrobe can vary as per your requirement. The main focal point of this bedroom wardrobe is that it even has loft units. The Rahmour wardrobe comes with five pull out drawers so that you can store your essentials in them and organise your stuff easily without much effort. This bedroom wardrobe is also complemented with a side table so that you get extra storage space. You can also have a small shoe rack to amplify the usage of this wardrobe design.

4. Tangram Wardrobe:
The Tangram wardrobe comes with a sliding door mechanism and has a gloss poly lacquer finish. It has mirrors carefully and precisely placed on the doors so that they bring out the visual appeal of the bedroom wardrobe design. The biggest advantage of this wardrobe design is that it’s space-efficient as it has sliding doors. The sliding doors also enable more people to walk freely around it as opposed to the hinged bedroom wardrobe designs. If you want an economic and fully functional modular bedroom wardrobe, Würfel’s Tangram wardrobe is the perfect choice for you.

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5. Vanta Wardrobe:
If you do not like vibrant and colourful choices and prefer minimalistic design and colour combinations, you can go for the Vanta bedroom wardrobe by Würfel. You can have a minimalistic style bedroom and still get the perfect modular bedroom wardrobe that complements the bedroom. The Vanta wardrobe is a hinged wardrobe with a high-gloss poly lacquer finish. The dimensions of this bedroom wardrobe can be changed as per your requirements. The doors have hidden hinges and are equipped with an in-built soft-close mechanism. The soft-close mechanism allows the doors to close without making any sound. The pitch black colour of the Vanta wardrobe is the main highlight of the wardrobe design. It is minimalistic and simple yet it can catch the attention of people.

6. Chiaro Wardrobe:
This is the only wardrobe in this list that has an L-shape. The Chiaro wardrobe utilises the space to the maximum as it also uses the corners. This modular bedroom wardrobe design has a blue nano and textured laminate finish. The nano finish has a high-density water-resistant particle board as its base material. The surface of the special laminate sheet that is used in this design is covered with nanoparticles. The nanoparticles have the property to heal the surface if it’s ever scratched or damaged. The nanoparticles bond back together, eliminating the scratches on the surface. To make the nanoparticles heal themselves, all you need to do is apply steam to the scratched surface. The heat generated by the steam on the surface of the laminate will enable them to bond back together and repair any damage to the surface.

Würfel is an award-winning interior designing brand that guarantees to deliver the best home interior design solutions for all types of homes. The modular designs of the kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and wardrobes are made by the best quality raw materials imported directly from Europe and made in India using German technology and precision. You can get a free price quote for your favourite designs from Würfel. To get a detailed price quote for your favourite designs, you can email Würfel at contact@wurfel.in.