Six Popular Stones Used In Modular Kitchen Countertops

Modular Kitchen Countertops

The countertops of a kitchen play an important role in the overall look and when done right it can seal the deal. In any modular kitchen, the countertops can be a very beneficial aspect. It’s useful to hoard maximum materials and it can be a very strong base for the stove as well. Because water is always present near sinks, the type of surface that can be used for these countertops is limited. Spills, hot objects, and scratches from knives and other tools can cause a lot of wear and tear on kitchen countertops.

One might wonder what’s the best choice for countertops that can protect them from stains, heat, water, and other things while being within the budget. When you want the best quality and designs, it’s also important to be mindful of what budget you have on your mind.

In reality, your requirements are the key to finding the correct match for your kitchen. Here are seven of the most popular kitchen countertops in Indian homes, ranging from casual to formal, opulent to utilitarian:

Here are some options:

1. Granite:
Granite has been a favourite for interior designers for ages now given how durable and strong they are especially for kitchen countertops. Granite, which was once virtually exclusively seen in high-end homes due to its expensive cost, has become the ‘go-to’ stone for countertops.

Granite slab supply and its alternatives have increased in recent years, helping to keep prices in check. Nonetheless, it retains its status as a high-end alternative. Granite is synonymous with elegance, and its presence on islands or other worktops can instantly boost a modular kitchen’s design.

Stones Used In Modular Kitchen Countertops

2. Marble:
Marble is included since it’s seen as a high-end design option. It has long been associated with grandeur, having been employed in classical sculpture and as an upmarket building material. It’s one of the most durable and strong materials that can be used for a long-lasting kitchen countertop. It also has a classy look which makes your modular kitchen look attractive effortlessly. If you are wondering what’s the best for your kitchen both quality and design-wise and you could use some help then you must check out Würfel. They are the one-stop solution for all your kitchen problems and prove customised designs for your home, as per your requirements.

3. Porcelain:
Porcelain is the most ancient of the engineered stone surfaces, and it’s now available in practically every design, colour, and texture imaginable. Porcelain is incredibly durable and, because it’s made with extreme heat, it’s also extremely heat resistant. The quality is super strong and will keep you free from worrying about having to replace it often. It can be a task to maintain it but if done properly, you will be gifted with a long-lasting countertop in your modular kitchen.

4. Quartzite:
Quartzite, like granite, is a naturally occurring stone that provides beauty as well as long-term durability to countertop surfaces. Although it’s becoming more popular, it’s still less popular than granite, partly due to the fact that it’s a little more expensive. Individual quartz grains and cementing ingredients re-crystallises, creating a smooth, glassy mosaic. Impurities and cementing elements in the original sandstone may colour the quartzite, and migrate together into streaks that make quartzite resemble marble.

Modular Kitchen Countertops

5. Dolomite:
This is not a very popular stone and many might have not heard about Dolomite. But, this is easily one of the best options for the countertops in your modular kitchen. It’s slowly gaining popularity and is seen as an equivalent to marble. Dolomite is a sedimentary rock that formed spontaneously when limestone comes into touch with magnesium-rich groundwater and undergoes a chemical transformation, unlike granite or quartzite. It comes in white or grey tones and frequently has streaks that make it look more like marble than quartzite.

6. Corian:
The kitchen is a very crucial spot in the house because whatever we eat every day is being prepared here. Hence, the hygiene in this space matters more than anything. It’s highly important that the place is free from all kinds of chemicals and toxins. Here’s where the Corian countertop comes in handy and makes it easier for you. It’s one of the best solid-surface countertops available and is manufactured in sheets from an amalgamation of polymer resins, minerals, and colourants. Corian countertops are long-lasting, sanitary, and non-toxic. Furthermore, they are non-porous, making them stain-resistant and easy to clean.

Furthermore, Corian countertops may be repaired. They gain from their solidity by sanding off any scuffs and dents, even if they’re prone to scratches. These are also available in different hues, from solid to stone designs to metallic.

If you’re not very sure about how to find the best countertop or even how to get the best modular kitchen for your home, then you can definitely use some guidance from Würfel.

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