Top Modular Kitchen Design Trends From Around the World

Modular Kitchen Design Trends

When we think of designing or redesigning our kitchen, we must consider the design that suits our personality. The kitchen is second to the bedroom when it comes to the amount of time we spend in a room. We like to cook our favourite food and go to the bedroom or the living room to eat it while binge-watching our favourite show on Netflix. Our modular kitchen interior design should be a testament of our taste and personality. The modular kitchen design we like might be of any kind like an island kitchen, an L-shaped kitchen, a U-shaped kitchen or it can be an open kitchen for more free movement around the kitchen. There are a lot of modular kitchen designs that are inspired from around the world that perfectly suit the modern Indian interiors.

From wherever our modular kitchen interior design might be inspired, we want the comfort of cooking and the accessibility that goes with it. A kitchen should be as organised and as appealing as possible. For many of us who are foodies, we must think of different and creative ways to make the kitchen more appealing so that we don’t lose interest in cooking. We must also consider the modular kitchen designs that will make our lives easier by making the cooking space comfortable and beautiful.

Here are some of the top trending modular kitchen design ideas that are inspired from around the world that will spark the creative side of you:

Modular Kitchen Design Trends

1. Kitchen Island With Storage Options:
A modular kitchen design with an island is for the kitchen that has ample space to spare. The big kitchens often miss out on the functionality factor as everything is placed far away from each other. Adding an island to a big modern kitchen design will not only make the space more usable but will also add extra storage options.

Adding an island to your modular kitchen design will also provide a breakfast counter for the whole family to gather around and have breakfast in or to engage in some gossip about their neighbours. An island kitchen can also come with an in-built sink and sockets to plug-in appliances like toasters for a quick breakfast. 

You can go for a marble or a wooden finish for your island and your countertop to go with your interior. Chic looking modular kitchens with a glass finish for the island add a certain flair to the interior and rather elevate the style of the kitchen.

2. Clean and Organised U-Shaped Kitchen:
A U-shaped kitchen is the perfect embodiment of form and functionality. This modular kitchen design is best suited for medium to large kitchens. The U-shaped modular kitchen designs are gaining popularity in recent times because they are easy to use, highly customisable, and provide ample space for two or more people to roam around freely while working in the kitchen.

U-shaped modular kitchen designs utilise the corners of the kitchen very effectively so that every inch of the kitchen is used. You can use U-shaped modular kitchen designs even when you have kitchen appliances like a microwave or a refrigerator that need to be incorporated into the overall design. The overhead and under the counter cabinets are very helpful in keeping all the equipment. You can play with different colour combinations to make your modular kitchen design look sleek and modern. You can go for lighter shades on the overhead part of the kitchen and darker shades for the rest of the design. The lighter shades overhead will enable natural light to reflect better to give the kitchen an airy and spacious look.

Top Modular Kitchen Design Trends

3. Effective and Affordable L-Shaped Kitchens:
If you want to go for a modular kitchen design that is modern, provides good functionality and is also affordable, the L-shaped modular kitchen design is the best option for you. The L-shaped kitchen will let you play with the design, the colour combinations and the placement of kitchen appliances to the maximum. The right blend of these combinations will give the most sophisticated and modern look to your modular kitchen design. The L-shaped modular kitchen designs are easy to incorporate from scratch or if you are in the mood for a remodel.

You can also add an island to increase the functionality factor of your L-shaped modular kitchen design. This modular kitchen will look gorgeous if you go for a dual-toned colour combination. With a combination of a lighter colour and a darker colour, you can control where your eyes can focus, giving it a visually appealing look. A hanging counter for your L-shaped modular kitchen design can instantly change your L-shaped modular kitchen to a G or a U-shaped kitchen, adding more functionality.

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