7 Unique Wardrobe Styles for Modern Day Bedrooms

Wardrobe Styles for Modern Bedrooms

Wardrobes are more than just storage spaces for your clothes and accessories. When done right, your bedroom wardrobe design can be a fashion statement too. A variety of wardrobes have a variety of functions, you have to choose which wardrobe suits you the best and try to incorporate its design into your bedroom interior. A simple bedroom can be transformed into a lavish abode with an eye-catching wardrobe design that comes in the colour that suits the interiors of the bedroom.

There are many bedroom wardrobe types and designs that can help you to spice up your bedroom interiors and make a distinct impression amongst your guests. Here are 7 unique wardrobe styles and designs by Würfel that goes well with modern-day bedroom interiors:

1. Opera wardrobe:
The main advantage of going for the Opera wardrobe design for your bedroom is that it’s a walk-in wardrobe. You can locate all your clothes and accessories in a jiffy because everything is visible openly. You should consider going for a walk-in wardrobe if you like to save time while dressing. Having an open wardrobe makes it easier and faster to get dressed. The Opera wardrobe has a laminate finish with a wooden texture print. It has a durable and completely waterproof finish.

2. L’Or Wardrobe:
The L’Or wardrobe design is also a walk-in wardrobe design. It provides you with next-level sophistication and provides enough space for storing all your items from shoes to clothes to accessories. The L’Or wardrobe has versatile shelves, pull-out drawers and hanger rods. The different storage options allow you to organise your things effectively and prevent your clothes from wrinkling because it has ample space for storage in addition to different storage options.

Unique Wardrobe Styles for Bedrooms

3. Stripes Wardrobe:
The Stripes wardrobe comes with a sliding door mechanism and has a mirror finish. It has mirrors with matte finish stripes that are precisely the size of the length of the doors so that they bring out the visual appeal of the wardrobe. One advantage that a sliding door wardrobe has over other types is that it is space-efficient. The sliding doors also enable more people to walk freely around it as opposed to the hinged wardrobe designs. Stripes wardrobe is an economic and fully functional option for the latest modular wardrobe style. If you’re looking for a simple yet elegant style, Würfel’s Stripes wardrobe is the perfect choice for you.

4. Rahmour Wardrobe:
The Rahmour wardrobe style from Würfel is one of the best modular wardrobe designs. Equipped with the classic hinged door mechanism, it has a white high-gloss polylacq finish and one of the best looks in all of the styles offered by Würfel. The Rahmour wardrobe is highly customisable both in terms of design and the dimensions of the wardrobe style. The main focal point of this bedroom wardrobe is that it even has loft units. Rahmour wardrobe comes with a bedside table so that you get extra storage space. You can also have a small shoe rack to amplify the utility of this wardrobe design.

5. Tuxor Wardrobe:
If you aren’t a fan of vibrant and cheerful colour combinations and want something simple, you can go for the Tuxor bedroom wardrobe style by Würfel. You can have a minimalist wardrobe style and still get the perfect modular bedroom wardrobe that complements the bedroom. The Tuxor wardrobe is a hinged wardrobe with a high-gloss polylacq finish. This is a modular wardrobe style so all the aspects of this style including dimensions are customisable as per your needs. Although it’s minimalistic and simple it can still catch the attention of people.

Unique Wardrobe Styles

6. Bastille Wardrobe:
The Bastille Wardrobe is a versatile hinged bedroom wardrobe that can suit almost any type of bedroom interior. Inspired by a French mediaeval fortress by the same name, the Bastille wardrobe carries the royal feel of the fortress. This wardrobe design has two hinged doors on either side with a section each and mirrors are installed on each of the doors. It’s dimension is highly customisable to suit the dimension of the bedroom as it’s a modular wardrobe design. It has a laminate and black mirror finish that gives an eye-catching appeal to the wardrobe. The Bastille wardrobe has more functionality on account of its hinged design. Unlike sliding doors, the hinged doors allow you to see the whole wardrobe once you open the doors.

7. Mezo Wardrobe:
The Mezo wardrobe is a flexible wardrobe that can be installed even in small bedrooms. It is a sliding wardrobe that is 8-feet high and is divided into two sections of 4-feet each with two sliding doors. It has a high-gloss polylacq finish with white and grey as the highlight of the wardrobe design. The door handles of a sliding door wardrobe are installed into the doors so that the handles do not collide with the doors when you slide them. The Mezo wardrobe has brushed aluminium door handles that add to the look of a glossy white and grey finish.

Würfel has the best interior design solutions for any type of Indian household. The luxury and grandeur with which Würfel produces its designs and styles are sure to catch your eye. Inspired by European interior design ideas, Würfel is constantly trying to make the interiors of Indian households modern and chic. To know more about wardrobe designs visit Würfel.