Stunning Modern TV Unit Design Ideas for Your Living Room

Stunning Modern TV Unit Design Ideas

“Television is an anaesthetic for the pain of the modern world.” – Astrid Alauda

The TV is the first and foremost form of entertainment in a household. A TV will bring a family together, be it for a Netflix marathon or the news about a latest film. With the passage of time, TV has become an integral part of people’s lives. There may be no kids in the house but there is a TV for sure. Keeping in mind the importance of the TV, it makes sense to want to have the best TV unit to complete the look of our living room interiors. The sleekness and modernity of the big TV screens have to match the design of the modern TV unit so as to complement the aesthetics of the home.

The TV units in the olden days were simple and space consuming as they were bulky in design. However, nowadays we have TVs that are as slim as a finger so the utility factor of the TV units should also be considered while shopping for TV unit designs. Today the TV units need to include space for a gaming console, a DVD player, a bookshelf, a place to showcase some accessories and handicrafts, set-top boxes, remote controllers, speakers and much more.

Here are some of the top trending TV units designs of 2022:

Modern TV Unit Design Ideas

Floating TV Unit with Background:
A floating TV unit doesn’t have legs and is mounted to the wall to give a floating effect to the whole unit. It’s extremely efficient if you have a lot of appliances that go with the TV. It utilises the space very efficiently so that everything looks organised and beautiful.

Adding a background to this already modern looking piece of furniture will only take the beauty of your TV unit up a notch. Be it a nice wallpaper or a custom-made background, it’ll bring out the aesthetic of the TV unit design. Just be careful not to choose a very bright or overly colourful background because it can steal the TV watching experience. A floating TV unit is best suited for a wall-mounted TV.

A Freestanding TV Unit With An Interesting Backdrop:
There are mainly two things to consider when you’re browsing for a TV unit design. The first one is the size of your TV and the second one is the space available in your living room and bedroom to incorporate a TV unit. Going for a freestanding TV unit when you have enough space will not only look good but it’ll also act as a storage space in your living room. A freestanding TV unit design can be incorporated in medium to big-sized rooms as it’ll take up a lot of space.

For the background of your TV unit design, you can add a frame so that the TV is standing out. A TV frame can only add to the overall look of the interior and improve the aesthetic. Going for wallpapers and sleek and trendy designs can also do wonders in complementing the TV unit design and also the overall interior design of the room. Going for unconventional designs like a brick wall or a wooden design can give an old school look and make it visually stimulating.

Modern TV Unit Design Ideas

A Wall-Mounted TV unit:
There is absolutely no reason not to call a free wall-mounted tv and nothing else as a TV unit. A TV can be mounted to a wall with a small teapot to hold your set-top box and remote. You can have a modern and chic looking wall with a stone or wood finish and mount your TV to give your living room a sleek and minimalist look. You can play around with the wall design to bring out the essence of a TV unit. You can use a floating desk to accommodate your accessories too. A floating desk can give the TV unit a modern and rustic look if you play with the correct colour combinations.

A TV Wardrobe:
If you are a fan of bingeing your favourite shows after a long day of work, a TV wardrobe should be your definite choice. A TV unit where you can incorporate a mirror and a wardrobe can give a homely feel and ease your mind when you lie down to browse through Netflix. There’ll be something for everyone in a TV wardrobe. You can get ready while looking in the mirror, put your favourite books on the other side of the TV unit, show off your collectables and showpieces, etc. You can have a combination of shapes and sizes for the shelves so that you can put whatever you like if you install a TV unit wardrobe in your bedroom.

These TV unit designs are sure to shake the creative side of your brain. You can play around with colours, customisable designs, different backdrops and a variety of themes at Würfel. Würfel has designs that are inspired by European style and fashion. Top-quality raw materials imported from Europe and manufactured with German precision are what makes the TV unit design from Würfel, one of a kind in India. To know more about TV unit designs visit Würfel