Best TV Unit Design for Living Room

TV Unit Design for Living Room

The living room is that place in our homes where we sit and enjoy with our family, share gossip, watch movies on TV, unwind and relax after a busy day. Such a special place in our homes require a special TV unit design. A TV unit is essential in every Indian household. It’s before the TV where every family member gets a chance to be together and share some joyful moments. Mom’s watching the daily soaps, kids watching Netflix, dads watching the news, everything happens in the living room before the TV.

Just like any other interior design, TV unit designs also come in many shapes and sizes. Small, big, trendy, minimalistic, simple, colourful. Sleek and simple designs are ruling the market right now. Choosing a perfect TV unit design firstly depends on the size of the TV you have and then on your choice of whether you like your TV sets to be mounted on the wall or placed on a stand. Read on to know about some of the less-known designs inspired by the trends nowadays which not only compliments the living room area but the whole house.

Open cabinet TV Units:
This is one of the most common and easily made TV units. It requires minimum material and low effort to make a perfect open cabinet TV unit. There are typically two to three shelves in this TV unit, generally under the TV to store items like a gaming console, a DVD player, some books etc. They can be installed in small to medium-sized rooms for maximum utilisation of space and design

Closed Cabinet TV Unit:
They are the same as open cabinet TV units but with doors attached to the shelves. These shelves are also typically located under the TV to be used to store different items.

Hutch TV Unit:
The TV is placed in the middle of the Hutch TV unit which is surrounded by cabinets, drawers and shelves. Big drawers for extra storage and open shelves to keep the showpieces or family photos are some of the main features that make this TV unit design stand out. There is no shortage of storage when it comes to this TV unit design. As all the TV unit design is visible, it doesn’t require any high maintenance. A sweep with a dry or a slightly moist cloth will do the trick. Wooden finish cabinets and TV stands can do wonders for this kind of TV unit.

Latest TV Unit Design for Living Room

Floating TV Unit:
The TV units that do not have legs to stand on are called floating TV units. The TV unit is fitted into the walls using screws. These designs look modern and sleek in any household and they can be installed anywhere in the house.

An Entertainment Centre:
This type of TV unit requires the maximum amount of materials and maximum hard work. An entertainment centre will include a place to keep the gaming console, a place for speakers and some additional storage space. This TV unit will cover the whole wall and the empty space in-between is where the TV will go. This is generally installed if you wish to get a home theatre for your place. All the entertainment enthusiasts can gather at the entertainment centre to have a fun time.

Now, as you know about the different designs for TV units, let’s talk about how you can make these designs look even better

Glossy Finished TV:
The glossy finish for a TV unit reflects light and energy. If you want your living room to appear lively and full of energy, you can opt for a glossy finished TV design unit.

Laminate Finished TV unit:
No matter what the design of the TV unit is, you can bring in your own customised look using a laminate finish. There are so many laminate varieties in the market that all you need to do is simply imagine the finish and you can have it.

Matte Finished TV unit:
Matte finish is good for a TV unit when the design is minimalistic and when you don’t wish for your TV unit to stand out more than the other furniture in the room. Matte finish provides a calm and soothing effect on the atmosphere of the room.

Designs With a Splash of Your Favourite Colour:
If the TV design in the living room has a blue colour, it immediately makes the atmosphere in the room cool and soothing. Having an orange hue in the living room immediately makes the atmosphere warm and comfortable. Trying out different colour combinations can really help bring out the design of the TV unit. You can also add a bunch of your own elements to make it look more comforting.

Monochromatic Finishes:
Some of the best designs can come out of a single colour if you use different shades. A zig-zag pattern, a chess pattern or a striped pattern, simple but elegant designs. Wooden and marble TV units can look wonderful if they are finished with monochromatic colours.

Top TV Unit Design for Living Room

The living room plays a very important role in the home and more so the TV. It is absolutely important to choose a perfect TV unit design which will not only suit you but also suit all of your family. Würfel has a range of the latest and customisable TV unit designs which will suit the interior of your house the best as they bring European interiors to Indian households. They offer interior designs made of imported raw material from Europe that are installed with German precision. The interior design solutions offered by Würfel are eco friendly, progressive and sensible in nature. To know more about the TV unit designs visit the official website of Würfel.