Are Kitchen Islands Out of Style?

Kitchen Islands Style

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Whether you want to cook a delicious meal or you just want to exchange some meaningless gossip, the kitchen is the perfect place to do so. With time, the Modular kitchen designs also evolved to include more function, style and comfort.

Nowadays, the kitchen is not only a place for cooking food but also one for serving and eating. This is where the kitchen islands come into the picture. Many styles and designs have come and gone but the kitchen islands will not go out of style in the near future.

What is an Island Kitchen?
The kitchen island is a free cabinet or a tabletop that stands in the middle of the kitchen. The main advantage of the kitchen island is it can be integrated with any of the new modular kitchen designs. The kitchen island is a perfect combination of form and function. A kitchen island generally stands at a height of the countertop, being at a uniform height as all of the kitchen countertops. A kitchen island is preferred because everything is more organised and within the reach of the person working.

The kitchen island can accommodate a number of stools or chairs around it for people to sit, eat, talk and do whatever they want. It generally comes with some underhand drawers that can act as extra storage spaces to store away dishes and also with an underhand place for a mini-fridge or a mini bar in the kitchen. The kitchen island can be as big as you want it to be. All that you have to ensure is that at least two people have enough space to roam around the kitchen freely.

A kitchen island can also serve as a space to put an oven, a toaster or a mixer. And by being in the middle of the kitchen, the kitchen island becomes easily accessible from any place in the kitchen. An island kitchen does not only add functionality to the kitchen but also a stylish look to the space.

Latest Kitchen Islands Trends

The U-shaped kitchen can be a perfect kitchen design to integrate a kitchen island. Three adjacent walls are used in creating a U-shaped kitchen design idea. This layout can be useful for a bigger kitchen for a free flow of work, as three walls are being used.

People with kids can use the kitchen island for keeping an eye on them as they finish their homework while they cook in the kitchen. Good ventilation for the modular kitchen can help with the constant fumes that are generated while cooking.

Some kitchen islands come with a washbasin which can act as a cleaning centre for the kitchen. Make sure that the island kitchen does not come in between or hinder the work triangle, i.e. the cooking countertop, the wash area and the refrigerator while designing. Having a kitchen island is a must if you don’t have any space constraints at home.

Würfel is an interior designing brand that specialises in modular kitchens and wardrobes. Let us look at some of Würfel’s modular kitchen designs that incorporate a kitchen island:

Magnifera Kitchen:
It is designed to make the workflow in the kitchen a whole lot easier. Having a kitchen island is extremely advantageous because it is designed to have extra storage space and an extra breakfast table that can be accessed from all sides of the kitchen and can also be used to entertain guests and kids in the form of an informal dining area. The stools are placed at the kitchen island for ease of access. This kitchen design comes with a matt lacquer finish. The white matt lacquer finish works like magic like nothing else. The Mangifera kitchen also comes with wall cabinets for ideal storage options. You can open the cabinet doors with just a push. It also has a midway gallery system to hang up utensils for easy access.

Obelisk Kitchen:
This kitchen island model might be the one for you. As the kitchen island is a trending modular kitchen design in the market, this modular kitchen design will give you maximum functionality and add a suave look to the kitchen interior. This modular kitchen design is best suited if you have an ample amount of space in the kitchen. This kitchen design has no shortage of space and the tower units in this modular kitchen have hinged doors with a push-to-open mechanism. The cabin is ideal for storing vessels and accessories that are not used very often. It also comes with base units that can store other accessories and cutlery.

Kitchen Islands new styles

Dusk Kitchen:
This modular kitchen has a laminate finish with a kitchen island. The dusk kitchen makes a perfect, sleek look by using laminates to create a modern, dramatic and contrasting finish. The dusk kitchen also adds to the benefit of having a kitchen island that is less likely to fade, is easy to clean and is scratch and stain-resistant.

The above mentioned modular kitchen designs are just some of the designs offered by Würfel. Würfel Kuche has been awarded the Times Business Award for “The Best Modular Kitchen” four years in a row. The brand offers the best quality products and does not compromise on them at any cost. The raw materials imported from Europe are the foundation of the top-notch quality provided by Würfel. The enrolment process goes through a long sampling, quality check and lab check process. Also, the history of the vendor is very closely examined so there is no margin for error and no compromise on the quality of the raw materials. All this is observed while ensuring a fair price policy for all Würfel products.

Being a relatively new brand (estd. 2015), it is indeed a great achievement to be awarded as the ‘Best Modular Kitchen Brand’ four times in a row. Würfel dedicates itself to research and innovation. It envisions to make the nation proud and set a benchmark in the global modular kitchen industry.