Ten Modern Modular Kitchen Designs You Must Check Out In 2021

The kitchen is the focal point of any home, and the best part is that people do not only prepare meals in this space but they also engage in socialising, spend quality time with one another and create memories, seasoned with love, that will last a lifetime.

With the advancement in the technological front and the change in the social dynamics, the face of modern modular kitchen design trends has undergone quite a shift in perspective. So, let’s take a look at the latest modern modular kitchen design trends of 2021.

1. Use Wallpapers To Define Personal Style Statement
One of the most trending features in the arena of kitchen designs is that of wallpapers. Wallpapers add both a personal touch to your modern modular kitchen design and flair, that helps elevate the style quotient of your home. Their best feature is that they can truly stand the test of times due to their resistance to grease, water and heat. They are available in a wide range of patterns and colours to suit your personal taste and style.

2. Invest In Smart Kitchens
If you are someone who likes to experiment with new technological innovations, then the best choice for you is to opt for smart kitchens. Sensors having motion detection features and a one-touch function will help keep your modern modular kitchen spaces exciting and will thereby help alleviate the stresses of cooking.

3. Include Island Kitchens In Your Modern Modular Kitchen Design
You can also incorporate island kitchens into your modular kitchen design as it has become a new favourite in the market. Island kitchens were primarily preferred for larger spaces but now even smaller modular kitchen designs are utilising this design to help bring in a luxurious appeal in their home. In smaller modular kitchens, the island kitchens transform as countertops, serves as dining tables and provide additional storage options.

4. Add Storage Spaces
When it comes to storage spaces, one should keep functionality and elegance of style in mind. Having a full-sized pantry should rightly be given priority in today’s day and age. Adding a cold storage facility to your modern modular kitchen design will help keep food supplies in their best form for longer durations.

5. Bring in Warmth Through Vibrant Colours
The latest modern modular kitchen designs comprise vibrant colours that are darker in tones and can also be incorporated in smaller modular kitchens. Darker shades of green, dark grey and blue are sweeping the design trends and when colours like black or dark grey are paired with wooden or metal accent pieces it adds a contemporary touch to the entire space.

6. Dual Tone Kitchens Are On High Demand In The Market
If having a monochromatic palette doesn’t suit your taste then you can always go for dual-toned modular kitchen designs. That will help eliminate the boring and dull vibe of your kitchen walls. Also, it will allow you the choice of picking the colour combination of your choice that will add character to your home. Dual-tone kitchens have been in trend for a few years now and continue to rule the hearts of people because of their aesthetic appeal and endless charm.

7. You Can Add Varying Textures
Now, if using bold colours for your modern modular kitchen design is not to your preference then you can instead go for a variety of textures. Making use of brass strap hooks and knobs for the cabinets, laminate finish for the shutters, marble countertops etc., will help elevate the glamour quotient of not just your kitchen but your home altogether.

8. Focus On Creativity And Look Out For The Latest Technology
This year the changes in the trends of modern modular kitchen designs primarily focus on the creative and technological front. Ergonomic shapes, soothing colours, recessed handles, innovative raw materials and well-equipped islands will beautifully combine the style and aesthetics of your living room and kitchen. The priority is given to create modern modular kitchen designs that will be both elegant and stylish, having equipment and furniture that helps create maximum useful space.

9. Be Mindful Of The Materials
The material used for the countertops and cabinets for the smaller modular kitchen designs is also given importance at present. Veined marble has become quite popular in the modular kitchen arena and has duly become a part of the modern modular kitchen design trend of 2021. Laminates have taken the front seat again, especially when it comes to smaller modular kitchens.

10. Prioritise Space Efficiency
In 2021, kitchens are all about maximising the use of space in the room and ensuring that no amount of space remains unused. Nowadays people tend to choose open kitchen designs that are more free-flowing. The addition of same shaded designs of countertops and facades, which are made from similar materials, gives off a sense of solidity to the modern modular kitchen set and highlights the spacious nature of the room.

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