A Buying Guide | Modular Kitchens In India

Modular kitchens have been one of the trendiest kitchen designs in India for quite some time now. They are created to fit your style and standards and they help to make your kitchen experience more wholesome. Modular kitchens are designed in a manner that they will meet your daily kitchen requirements in addition to giving your traditional kitchen space an elegant and contemporary makeover. They come with lots of extra storage space, mess-free countertops and a spacious appeal that makes them the perfect choice for every Indian home.

But before you embark on the journey of designing your perfect modular kitchen layout, here are a few important things for you to consider:

1. Invest in Low:
Maintenance Materials: Modular Kitchens are crafted to add elements of comfort and ease to people’s lives. Select raw materials for your modular kitchen design layout that provides ease with respect to cleaning, handling and maintaining. Steel is one of the most durable options in the modular kitchen industry. Including stainless steel sinks in your modular kitchen design will be one of the best decisions you have ever made in terms of both style and functionality. When it comes to finishes, laminate is the most sought-after finish in the market because of its durability and its moisture and heat-resistant properties.

2. Include the Golden Triangle Rule:
The kitchen work triangle is a time-tested guideline that is applied to ensure efficient kitchen layouts that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. It prioritises efficiency in a modular kitchen design by keeping the major work stations i.e. the cooktop, the sink and the refrigerator, closer to the cook. It also makes sure that these three elements of a modular kitchen design are not placed too close to one another which will lead to a cramped kitchen layout. The work triangle helps keep traffic at bay within the kitchen area in order to spare the cook from encountering unnecessary interferences.
Also, ensuring that your appliances are kept closer to the refrigerator further increases the convenience of the golden triangle rule.

3. Give Importance to Ventilation:
Having proper ventilation will make or break your modular kitchen design. Indian cooking, with its strong smells and smoke, requires proper arrangements to be made to get rid of overpowering smells from your kitchen space. Your modular kitchen design layout needs the addition of a chimney or a good exhaust to perfectly accommodate your traditional cooking practices.

4. Compartmentalisation of Storage:
In modular kitchens, you can make optimum use of your storage space and personalise compartments. With bigger families, you require more cutleries, crockeries and utensils that are larger in size. You can include varying sizes of cabinets or drawers to keep all your utensils and appliances and place them as per your need and convenience. You can store those items that you use on a more regular basis closer to you and keep the rest of your kitchen essentials at the bottom. Keep in mind that the important thing is to design your modular kitchen layout to fit your personal cooking requirements and not the other way around.

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