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Home Interior Solutions

Let me get one thing out of the gate before you proceed to read the rest of the blog. Shopping for home interior solutions is exhausting. Not only are there a million options to choose from but you also have to go to different parts of the town to find the right designer for a particular room in your house. Some designers might only offer living room interiors, some might only offer bedroom interiors and some might only offer bathroom interiors. While some interior designers offer designing solutions for multiple rooms, they might not always be the designs you like. This is one of the main reasons why Würfel is offering interior design solutions for your entire home.

Established in 2015, Würfel has bagged numerous awards, multiple years in a row, due to their innovative technology, new concepts, great designs and products.

Würfel offers interior designing solutions for-

If you are on the lookout for the best modular kitchen in terms of form, function and style, there are no better designers than Würfel. Winner of the Best Modular Kitchen by Times Business Awards for four years in a row, Würfel Kuche offers the best modular kitchen designs inspired by European artists. With German precision that makes these kitchens one-of-a-kind in India and top-class raw materials imported directly from Europe, Würfel is in the market to revolutionise the Indian kitchen interiors for good.

Your bedroom should be as stylish as it should be cosy. Comfort and luxury are the main factors that Würfel focuses on when it comes to designing bedroom interiors. Everything is customisable including the bed, dresser, wardrobe, nightstand and lighting effects in your bedroom. Your bedroom design should be as exclusive as your unique personality so it reflects who you are and has a cosy feeling to it.

Luxury Home Interior Solutions

When it comes to the designs of a bedroom wardrobe we often find ourselves compromising on the space of the bedroom or the design of the wardrobe. A bedroom wardrobe should be unique to a person’s needs. The bedroom is the most personal place in the whole house, so the wardrobe that goes with the bedroom should reflect the personal touch of its inhabitants. Inspired by European designs, bedroom wardrobes by Würfel are completely customisable and can be tailor-made just for you. Würfel offers designs in walk-in, hinged and sliding variants of wardrobes.

TV Units
A good TV design in the living room provides warmth and peace when you lay down on your couch to binge watch your favourite shows on Netflix. Even if you are with your friends in your living room, a good TV unit design will amplify the experience you are having subconsciously. A TV unit can hold a TV, a gaming console, cords that go with the TV, a set-top box, some accessories that make the unit look good, books, etc. TV units at Würfel offer some of the most sophisticated, modern and sleek designs that can be customised to meet your requirements.

Vanities sets by Würfel are just a thing of beauty. Inspired by the European finesse and the amount of elegance they offer, Würfel has brought the west to your home. With the right touch of sophistication blended with the essence of luxury, your vanity set is sure to make a statement.

Best Home Interior Solutions

Living Rooms
The living room is the liveliest place in the home and is aptly referred to as the heart of the home. The living room is a place to unwind and have comfortable and cosy conversations while chilling with your favourite people. Luxury living rooms can make a fashion statement and leave an impression on your guests too. Tune in your sense of aesthetics and your taste in design with fully customisable living room interior designs by Würfel.

Dining Rooms
Whether you want the design that is inspired by the old school classic look or the modern and sleek look, Würfel has the perfect solution for you. The range of dining hall interior designs that Würfel provides is sure to give you a royal feel when you are having your meals and snacks. Special care is taken by Würfel while designing the dining room interiors to ensure that you can fully immerse yourself in whatever activity you do in the dining room.

Home Offices
For what seemed to be a temporary solution for the lockdowns, work from home has become an unavoidable part of our lives in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic has made it impossible to work from home if the environment at home is super comforting and soothing. The need of having a home office has become something very important. Many organisations have also gone to lengths to provide a work environment at home so that the whole WFH scenario does not affect the employees’ productivity. If you are one of the people that think you can’t work from home unless you have a proper office environment, you must take a look at the range of home office interior design solutions offered by Würfel. Built to suit your style of working, Würfel offers a room with complete grandeur and an exclusive range of tables and chairs that you can choose from.

Needless to say, Würfel has an interior design solution for each and every part of your home. You just need to take your time in deciding what suits your home the best. To know more about the designs offered in various categories of interior designing by Würfel.