How to Choose Right Living Room Accessories & Sofas

How to Choose Right Living Room Accessories

The living room is an important part of the house and the styling of the space is vital in making your house stand apart. The aesthetics of your living room should be decided while keeping in mind many factors like the colour of the walls, the flooring, the lighting, and of course, the size of the space.

To add some soul to your living room, just the right furniture is not enough, it’s equally important to add the right living room accessories. An important thing to keep in mind while choosing the accessories is if it’s in sync with the other elements in the room and if it’s appropriate for the living room.

There are numerous techniques and types of accessories that can improve the aesthetics of your home and we have curated some of them for you here:

1. Add Greens:
One way to improve the aesthetics of your house without much effort is to add plants. What better than some nice little plants for your living room accessories. Plants can definitely help in improving the look and feel of the house. Having them around will also help to keep the air and surroundings fresh and rejuvenated.

Living Room Accessories

2. Get the Coffee Table:
One smart way to add an accessory and some functionality to your living room would be to use a coffee table. A coffee table is not only a decorative piece for your living area, but it also serves a practical purpose.

You can use either a glass or a hardwood coffee table, depending on the rest of your home’s decor. Depending on the size of your room, the dominant colours, furniture, and other important aspects, shortlist some coffee tables before you choose the best one for your living room.

3. Add a personal touch:
The best way to accessorise your living room is by adding a personal touch to it. Adding photographs, souvenirs, and little elements that mean something to you can make your space feel more intimate. For example, if you are someone in the house who likes to paint or make little accessories, you can include the same in your living room. Add artwork of yours and your loved ones to add a sense of personality to the space.

4. Bring in the mirrors:
Mirrors are utilised more than just in your vanity. The reflective glass panels are a stylish addition that can increase the sense of space in a room while also refreshing it. Mirrors look great above fireplaces, behind sofas, and even against a wall. It can effortlessly make your room look more spacious and organised. Mirrors or Murals, choosing the right accessories for your space can be quite the task. You could definitely do with some help from the experts at Würfel. They know just the right match for your home decor and will take care of all your living room needs. Check out their website to know more and make your ideal home dreams come true.

5. Make it worth your time with the clock:
You might not realise but clocks can be a big-time game changer when it comes to accessories. Using clocks as living room accessories for your place is an easy and convenient option.

Keeping the interiors of your space in mind, you can look for clocks that would suit your place the best. From vintage pieces to ones that come in different shapes and sizes, you have a sea of options to choose from. You can play with geometry, types and so many things when it comes to clocks. From wall clocks to digital clocks, choose what you like.

How to Choose Right Living Room Accessories

6. Throw those rugs around:
Do you know what could make your living room look vibrant and lovely? Rugs. Using rugs as living room accessories is a convenient yet classy way to add some creativity and style to the space. A rug with a bright, patterned design can bring out accent colours in the background and give a bit of liveliness when matched with a typically minimalist aesthetic. An old Persian or Moroccan rug, on the other hand, both perennial designer favourites, can add gravitas and drama to any living area.

7. Let there be Light:
What do we need after one tiring day at work? Relax on the couch & watch your favourite show while surrounding yourself with some warm lighting. Accentuate the aesthetics of your living room with candles and lamps. Scented candles are an amazing way to add some bliss to the space and make your surroundings surreal. Lamps are a must-have if you want to both illuminate and adorn your living area. When purchasing a lamp, ensure that the lamp shed is appealing, as it’s the lamp shed that will capture people’s attention. There are different kinds of lamps for different homes and moods. You could go the vintage way or stick to the trends, but you could never go wrong with lamps.

Want to be more experimental? Try hanging some lanterns around to not just add light but make your home stand out.

8. Pick the right sofa:
The living room sofa is typically the largest – if not the most expensive – item in the room and is frequently the most dominant piece, so it’s no wonder that it determines the room’s overall aesthetic. Hence, be careful when you choose the sofa for your living room. Keep in mind the space available and be sure to prioritise functionality. Once you are sure of these, you can pick a sofa in any shape, size, colour, or design that would match the theme of the living room. From different fabrics to interesting shapes, you can play around with them. There are even multi-purpose sofas that sometimes act as a bed or even a hoarder which is multi-purposeful and efficient.

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