How to Match Your Home Decor With Your Personality

Designing your own home is like picking your wardrobe collection. Everyone has a different taste when it comes to dressing up and hence each person’s wardrobe also looks different. Picking home decor items should also be done in a way that reflects your personality.

Your home is an extension of yourself. Make sure it reflects your vibe, aura, and characteristic personality traits. For example, if you’re a foodie then it should reflect in the wall decor or other home decor items. 

And in case you’re a tech buff or a vintage fan or obsessed with cars then you should do your living room decor accordingly. Just let your personality shine through your wall decor, your home decor items, and your design philosophy.

Let’s see how you can bring your personal flavour to your home.

1. Picking Up The Right Design Philosophy
The first and most important step is to pick the right design philosophy for you which is trending is available in the market and reflects your personality type as well. For example, if you’re an environment buff and love to recycle old stuff to make new things, then you should pick up the upcycling design philosophy. In case you’re a minimalist who likes subtle colours and minimalist designs then go for Scandanavian design style. If you’re a fan of the classical old designs, gramophones instead of modern tech and designs then you should go for vintage home decor items. Pick the style that best suits your personality.

2. Deciding the Colour Scheme
Now the second step is to choose the colours that best suit your personality. Your home should have a colour theme. And after picking up the style you wanna use for the decor of your home, it is important that you decide on a primary and secondary colour palette. The palette should include four colours for the wall decor, showpieces, furniture and living room decor. In case you like pastel colours and love blue then you can choose from different shades of blue with white. You can also add green and orange here and there. In case you like fluorescent bright colours then your colour palette should be different. Put some thought into it, choose the colour scheme that you love looking at .

3. Add Your Personal Vibe
You must be thinking when I have chosen the design philosophy and colours then what is the deal with adding a personal vibe. Have I not already added the personal vibe? Well, not really. Adding a personal vibe means picking decor items and doing the wall decor in a way that showcases some characteristics of your personality, the people you love, your biggest hobby etc. Suppose you’re a bookworm then that vibe should be present in your furniture and in the decor. In case you love fashion then it must be visible from your living room decor. You can have an entire wall to place your pictures with your loved ones, from school, or some big achievement, something that tells the story of your life.

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