5 Things to Consider While Choosing a TV Unit

Everything about your home is not just a piece of decor or just some texture, it is an extension of yourself. How you live and create your space speaks volumes about your personality. Each piece of your furniture is a style statement just like your shoes and your clothes. A TV wall unit is an essential utility and decor item at homes. And choosing the right tv unit design that fits your style and home is also equally important.

Keep these five things in mind while picking the best TV unit design for your living room.

1. Size and Type of the TV
This is the first and most important factor to keep in mind. What is the size of your TV, what’s the shape, what’s the type, whether it’s a flat-screen LED TV or is it an old TV that has a bulging backside? A TV stand will act as the base for your TV so it should be appropriate for the size of the TV. Because if the TV is larger than the stand then the stand would not compliment the TV and it won’t provide the support it needs. And if the stand is too big for the television then the TV would seem lost in front of the TV table. Hence, be conscious of the size and type of TV before picking the TV unit design.

2. Space in the Room
The size of the room in which you’re going to place the TV and your TV stand is also important. You have to measure the space available for the TV stand. Because the TV table should complement the room. If the room is big then you can go for bigger TV cabinets, for smaller rooms you can go for smaller ones so that they don’t seem too imposing in a small setting.

3. Height and Number of Seats
While picking the TV unit design that suits your living room, you need to keep in mind the capacity of the room and the height of the seats. Meaning the max number of people who would be watching the TV at any given point in time. The size and placement of the TV stand must be in such a manner that everyone is comfortable watching television. So if you have high chairs then pick a high TV stand but in case you have low lying couches and bean bags then go for a low height TV table.

4. Storage Options
Another important factor to consider is the kind of storage options you need. A TV wall unit is not just for placing the TV. It is also a storage solution. You need to decide the kind of stuff you want to put in there, books, CDs, TV remote etc. So your storage needs will also play an instrumental role in deciding this.

5. Your Design Style
And last but not least, consider your design style. You have to pick your TV unit that suits your design philosophy. Whether you like the millennial chic style, or vintage look, or maybe some Scandinavian touch, needs to reflect in your TV stand.

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