Armchairs That Enrich Your Home

When you think of armchairs, you immediately think of big comfortable and cushioned chairs on which you can curl up and relax with a book, a cup of coffee or just gaze out of the window on a rainy day. The extraordinary chairs are normally placed in the living room near your sofa set. But it’s not an uncommon sight to see them in other corners of the home, like the bedroom, study room or even a dining room!  Also known as lounge chairs, the living room armchairs can tie a living room together if placed strategically. They make a big impact on aesthetics, comfort and lifestyle. Today there are a multitude of designs that are available in the market with different shapes and styles. As comfort plays a key role in your final decision when choosing an armchair, it is important to keep in mind the quality and price as well. Here are a few types of armchairs that can add a dash of panache to your home décor!

High back armchair: Up and away!
A living room armchair that has a high back look is especially elegant in a room that has high ceilings. It gives a sturdy backrest for your spine and has arms to rest your hands on. They are a little more traditional in mature and normally come with intricately carved wooden legs. They offer the perfect spot to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with your favourite book.

Chesterfield armchair: Timeless classic
This armchair is one that never runs out of fashion. Most homes these days choose to go for a chesterfield armchair. They have buttoned gaps between the fabric and elegant scroll arms. It’s a larger armchair in comparison to most others and can make a statement on its own. They can be upholstered with different fabrics, ranging from velvet to leather.

Contemporary Armchair: Here and now!
These living room armchairs have more angular lines rather than the standard curves. They have a very modern feel about them, and normally have tapering slim legs or short box style wooden legs.

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