Five TV Unit Designs That Enhance Your Viewing Experience

A Television is one of the most important parts of your living space, with the technological advancements in TVs, the designs of modern TV units have changed over time from having a bulky TV set to more minimalist designs. People often overlook the TV unit as not a key piece of furniture in the living space and tend to focus on other furniture. That shouldn’t be the case since most of the time, your focus will be on the TV and the unit. TV unit designs no longer overshadow the TV, instead, modern TV unit designs highlight the TV and enhance your viewing experience. While looking out for a TV unit to suit your home, it’s essential to know the amount of space which you have in your living area, the theme of your home, so the TV unit fits right in with the rest of the furniture. We’re going to look at 5 TV unit designs that enhance your viewing experience.

1. The Dark Ruhae TV Unit

The Dark Ruhae TV unit comes in a classic Victorian style theme and goes well with a Victorian living space theme. The base units come with six lacquer painted hinged doors for storage, two drawers and open shelves for storage. The wall units come with see-through glass shutters and shelves for storage. The gold-plated handles really give this unit a royal look and feel.

2. The Argus TV Unit

The Argus TV unit has an urban vibe to the design and is a versatile TV unit that goes well with most themes and styles. The Argus TV unit comes with a mix of textured laminate and artificial leather finishes. The Base unit comes with two big drawers and an open shelf in the centre for storage. Below the drawers and open shelf, there is a strip of artificial leather to give a premium look. Similarly, for the wall, the backrest comes with artificial leather and wood to match the bottom.

3. The Kimmsel TV Unit

The Kimmsel TV unit comes in a minimalist design which will suit most modern contemporary homes. The base units come in a plain white high gloss polylacquer finish drawer shutters with tons of storage space. The wall unit is rectangular in shape with black tinted glass.

4. The Frost TV Unit

The Frost is an open TV unit which comes in an urban design and is also great if you have a smaller space. This TV unit comes in a mix of plain white and textured laminate finish. The base unit comes with a hinged door, a big drawer and an open shelf for storage. The wall units give it an open TV stand feel with the shelves and back panel.

5. The Boden TV Unit

The vibe for the Boden is an open TV stand with a retro look and feel. This comes with two separate modules, the base and the wall units. The base unit comes with open shelves and a drawer in the centre while the wall unit is rectangular in shape with flap shutters.

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