Five Methods That Make Wall Units Pop Out

Wall units are basically free-standing cabinets or they can even be a set of cabinets that are placed on the wall. This piece of furniture can either have open shelves or wall cupboards which provides you with storage space. This wall-mounted masterpiece combines beauty and function to create a space that is clutter-free and organized. Wall units can go in any room, from the kitchen, to the living room and even the bedroom. They are also considered to be an extension of the TV unit in the living room. With a number of sleek and modern designs to choose from, the wall units are often considered to be a seamless addition to the room. Here are five ways to make wall units stand out in your home.

1. Accent wall
Having an accent wall, especially in the living room where your entertainment unit is placed, can make a world of a difference. Painting the wall a different colour from the rest of the walls in the room is sure to make your wall units stand out. They allow that particular wall to draw attention to itself.

2. Dual tone
The dual tone colour scheme is the use of two colours, which can be monochromatic to make a particular piece of furniture stand out. If the wall unit is an extension of a different piece of furniture for example the TV unit, having the TV unit in a lighter tone as compared to the wall unit can bring out the colour of the wall unit.

3. Bright coloured wall units
Gone are the days when homeowners used to play it safe with choosing colours for their home. Today, it’s all about experimentation! Homeowners now want to introduce bright colours into their interiors, this brings out the uniqueness of the wall unit.

4. Spotlights
Lighting plays a key role in making the presence known of any item. This all depends on the kind of lighting you use. There are three different kinds of lighting, they are, ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. Spotlights are the ideal lighting fixture for a wall unit to stand out.  They provide a direct source of light to illuminate a particular area.

5. Mirror Finishes
Today, wall units come in various finishes apart from your standard laminates. The shutters of the wall units now come with mirror finishes in different colours like black tinted, bronze, plain and champagne. These mirror finishes are truly a class apart and make the wall units stand out even more.

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