Why is Parallel Kitchen Layout Perfect for Multipurpose Cooking

Parallel Kitchen Layout Perfect

A parallel kitchen or a galley kitchen is a layout design where there are two countertops parallel to each other in the kitchen, usually attached to the opposite walls. One of the countertops is generally used to cook food and the other is used to prepare the ingredients. Parallel kitchen layouts are seamlessly designed to maintain the perfect balance of the work triangle. There should be a minimum distance of 4 feet between the parallel countertops of the kitchen to assure free movement even if some of the cabinet doors are left open.

A parallel kitchen layout has the maximum usage and functionality in Indian households. It enables you to have extra countertop space and add a chic and modern design to the area. Your parallel kitchen design can come with matt, poly lacquered, glass, teakwood, or even a laminate finish. It’ll make use of all the available space in the kitchen with overhead and underhand cabinets that increase the storage capacity of the kitchen. The parallel kitchen can use natural lighting to its advantage and make the whole interior look bigger and stylish. You can also use artificial lighting to focus on particular points in the kitchen where you think the main focus of the people should lie.

Here are some advantages of getting a parallel kitchen layout for your home:

Navigating Through the Kitchen:
The parallel kitchen design layout provides the perfect work triangle for the kitchen if the refrigerator, the stove and the sink are placed strategically next to each other. Each appliance in the kitchen will be closer to the cook in the galley kitchen layout and it’s extremely easy to access everything quickly. Ease of access and mess-free workflow while in the kitchen has made the parallel kitchen layout one of the most loved and most utilised kitchen designs in Indian households.

Saving Space with Parallel Kitchen Layout:
The parallel kitchen layout uses minimum space for its design layout and leaves the rest of the space open, leaving room for more people to work in the kitchen at the same time. If the kitchen layout has an aspect of saving space, it doesn’t mean that there is a compromise on functionality. In fact, the space-saving aspect of the parallel kitchen layout only amplifies the functionality of the kitchen as a whole. As you save space, you are free to move, you can store more, you can have your kitchen appliances nearer to you and you can access them without any hassle, all of which contributes to an easily accessible kitchen.

Pocket Friendly:
Because the parallel kitchen layout is primarily designed to suit compact kitchens, it requires fewer resources and less manpower to manufacture the parts. Parallel kitchen layouts also have less countertop space and as the kitchen countertops are the most expensive parts of a kitchen, you can have your countertop at a much cheaper price compared to other kitchen layouts. You can also go for a countertop that is made of expensive and better quality materials to make the kitchen look extravagant and modern. The parallel kitchen layout uses minimum materials and takes advantage of the extra space to put kitchen appliances and adds extra storage options. Because the kitchen layout will not burn a hole in your pocket, you can go for better options for the stove, refrigerator, oven, or any other kitchen appliances so you can have a smooth and worthy cooking experience every time you use them.

More Room for Creativity:
The parallel kitchen design can be minimalistic or vibrant, as per your taste and the layout can be perfect for two people to work simultaneously. You can have more storage options if you go for a parallel kitchen layout too. All these advantages do not mean that it’s not customisable. You can use every nook and corner of your parallel kitchen layout and find creative ways to use the space. The parallel kitchen costs less to be installed so you can spend some more money on customisations too. As more space is available in the parallel kitchen layout compared to other layouts, you can customise the kitchen interior as you like and not be compromised on the functionality and the quality of the kitchen.

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