How Modular Wardrobes Offer The Best Value For Your Money

We all love to make our bedroom look cosy as it is one of the most favourite and most frequently visited rooms in your home. Your wardrobe equally plays a very important role in adding style and elegance to your bedroom. Also, buying a modular wardrobe can be one of the best investment decisions that you make, without you having to empty your pockets.

Like the term modular kitchen, a modular wardrobe is a piece of furniture that can be dismantled and assembled whenever and wherever you want. It is one of the most ideal choices for people who keep relocating on a frequent basis. To install a modular wardrobe, you need not make space for a carpenter at home as these are ready-to-assemble pieces that can be installed within a few minutes. A modular wardrobe is one of the hot furniture pieces in the domain of interiors these days. 

60% of Indian homes still have traditional non-modular wardrobes and they have their own share of limitations and problems, such as:

1. A traditional wardrobe is very generic:
Once built, you cannot customize it as per your needs or according to your personal style. In short, customisation isn’t possible with a conventional almirah or wardrobe.

2. Less number of shelves:
As we know, a traditional almirah comes with predefined shelves and racks that can neither be customized nor removed as per your choice. So you cannot store your clothes and accessories in the manner that you want to, instead, you need to store them in a way that they can fit inside the almirah.

3. Can easily get messy:
As non-modular or traditional wardrobes come with limited shelves and racks, you’ll only be able to enjoy a neat and organised wardrobe during the initial days. But upon frequent usage, the wardrobe will easily get messed up. So, you’d need to frequently organise your wardrobe, to make it look classy and elegant.

4. Long waiting days to create a traditional non-modular wardrobe:
It would take many days to get your conventional wardrobe made and you’d also have to appoint 3-4 carpenters at your home to get the job done.

5. More hassles during the installation phase:
When you make a new bedroom wardrobe at your home with the help of carpenters, you might need to prepare yourself to face the inconveniences caused by dirt, dust, grime etc., to get the wardrobe of your choice.

With modular bedroom wardrobes, you get to enjoy a host of benefits which also help in saving you a lot of money. 

1. Smart utilization of your space: Modular bedroom furniture allows you to make the best use of the space available to you. This means every single shelf and rack is designed to use it in the best possible way, without wasting any space. With shelves of different sizes, you can neatly organize and place your belongings according to the capacity of the shelves, thereby allowing you to have easy access to all your valuables.

2. Saves money and time:
A modular wardrobe offers the best value for your money. All you have to do is choose a wardrobe of your choice, and it will get readily installed within a few minutes. In this case, you save a lot of time, because you don’t have to coordinate with multiple vendors and negotiate on the price. Just one meeting with a design expert and your wardrobe is ready to be installed.

3. Offers customization as per your needs:
As a modular bedroom wardrobe can be easily dismantled and assembled, you can customize it according to your choice. By choosing the carcass module for your wardrobe, you eliminate the chances of buying something that you will not end up using.

4. Easy to carry with you while relocating:
It will be quite stressful to have to carry your traditional almirah with you if you decide to relocate to a new place. With easy-to-assemble modular wardrobes, you can save money and space while shifting from one place to another. When shifting to long-distance places, people often tend to sell their traditional wardrobes, thinking about the practical difficulties that they’ll have to face while carrying them from one place to another.

5. Matches with the décor:
You can plan your interiors with a modular wardrobe. How? Well, with a traditional wardrobe, you might end up buying something that has an entirely different look which clashes with the theme of your room. But in modern times, you receive a ton of innovative and sophisticated wardrobe solutions that are available in a wide range of colours, styles, and materials to help suit your requirements, while matching with the aesthetics of your room. 

Every furniture piece that you buy for your home is special, including your bedroom wardrobe. Apart from the advantages mentioned above, a modular wardrobe also gives you several intangible benefits that you can enjoy in a stress-free manner for a long duration of time. Würfel has a great collection of modular wardrobe designs in various trending styles. It is now recognised as India’s biggest modular kitchen and wardrobe brand with 40 showrooms across the nation. Visit a Würfel studio near you to catch a glimpse of the latest modern modular wardrobe designs and own your dream wardrobe soon. Visit their official website for more details and go through their catalogue.