Modern Wardrobe Designs For Your Perfect Wardrobes

While the primary function of the bedroom wardrobe is to store clothes, today the wardrobe plays another important function, they play a key role in adding to the décor element of your bedroom. There are many wardrobe designs to choose from today, so it won’t be too much trouble for you to find one that suits your bedroom décor style. Today, wardrobes also come in different finishes, that can be customised to colours that show your personality. Some of the designer wardrobes designs available in the market today include hinged wardrobes, sliding wardrobes and walk-in wardrobes.  Be it for your kid’s room, your office workspace or the master bedroom, the type of wardrobe you choose, play an important role. Designer wardrobes come in a sleek and stylish finish that provides ample storage and makes optimised use of the space available. Here are a few of them explained to help you choose the perfect designer wardrobe for your bedroom.

1. Mirrored wardrobes: Practicality with finesse!
These wardrobes have been used for decades now. These designer wardrobes not only come as a space to store your clothes and accessories but also incorporate a mirror on the wardrobe. Homeowners can use this to either see their reflection or just as a design element on the wardrobe. They are very efficient in terms of saving space as well. The mirrored wardrobe design can be incorporated either on the hinged wardrobe or the sliding wardrobe.

2. Hinged wardrobes: A classic tale!
These designer wardrobes have been used since time immemorial. Earlier they were the basic traditional hinged wooden wardrobes. Today, these wardrobes that received their name from the hinges used to hold the shutters of the wardrobe, come in a variety of finishes that make them anything but old school. With finishes like high gloss lacquer, laminate, matt, glass and polylacquer in the market, they give a very futuristic look to your bedroom décor. They even come with handle-less shutters with a push to open mechanism.

3. Sliding wardrobes: Roll ‘em!
Ideal for spaces that have space constraints, these designer wardrobes use metal tracks to open their sliding doors. These help save floor space in front of the wardrobe and have become a favourite among homeowners today! They have a modern look with a clean and seamless finish.

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