How to Pick the Perfect Dining Set For Your Home

When you buy a new home, or renovate the existing one or in case a  new member has been added to the family the previous dining table becomes unsuitable in numerous ways. Sometimes it is too big, sometimes, it is too small. Sometimes the shape is inappropriate and sometimes the dining chairs do not suit the ambience.

Finding a great combination of the best dining chairs is an art and science at the same time. Because understanding the colours and style that suit the ambience is an art. But picking up the right dining table chairs depending on the constraints like space, number of members, shapes of dining room chairs etc. is science.

We understand that picking the perfect dining chairs and table for your home could be a mentally draining task. But don’t worry, we are here to help! Here are a few tips to keep in mind while picking out dining table chairs for your home:

1. Evaluate and Understand the Space
The first step is to assess the space available for the dining table.  It’s wise to plan the room layout in advance and keep the space for the dining table under consideration, this way you have more flexibility in terms of design and shape, but in case you didn’t do that, it’s okay. Take a measuring tape and do it now. You have to consider the fact that there must be enough space around the table for people to walk comfortably, to pull out the chair, and sit. Measure the space available with a measuring tape. Because in case  you end up buying the dining chair and the table and it is too large to fit in your space, it may pose a problem later. So measure!

2. Selecting the Right Material
This is important because the durability of your dining table set depends on the material used. The level of comfort, the way it fits with the ambience of your dining room etc. play an important role in deciding the material. Also the objective of the dining chairs drives the decision as well. Like, if the dining table is going to be only for occasional use for parties or is it going to be for daily use and the like. Wooden chairs offer longevity, are resistant to fingerprints and regular wear, and hence are good for daily use. For hosting parties you might want to have materials which look more elite. Basically, you need to list the main applications and the people who would be using it before deciding the material.

3. Choosing the Right Shape and Style
This is the toughest part of the journey. Choosing and right shape and style. The rectangular dining table is the most common choice. But you need to keep in mind the space you have. In case you don’t have much space, it might become difficult for people to walk around the table. For a small family, a square table and dining room chairs work fine. You can go for tables with extensions that allows you to accommodate more people in case guests arrive. Round tables are the most versatile ones, they are good for small to medium sized families. They allow people to look at each other and converse. For the best parts of the rectangular and round table, you could pick an oval table as well. This accommodates more people and takes up less space.

Hope this article helps you choose the best dining chairs and table for your home. You can trust Wurfel to assist you with finding the best dining set that suits your needs depending on the factors we mentioned above. Take a look at our collection of dining sets. You can also visit our nearest studio to find the dining set of your choice.

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