Stylish Dining Room Chair Ideas

The main piece of furniture that no one can miss in a dining room is the dining room table set. From the cutlery that goes on the table to the runner and mats, they all play an important role, especially when hosting guests. But nothing speaks volumes about your style like the dining room chairs that accompany your dining table. When searching for dining room chairs, comfort plays a key role in finalising one. There are different styles of dining room chairs that you can find both online as well as if you visit a store. Ensure when choosing the dining chairs that you keep in mind the rest of your home décor so they don’t clash. Though many homeowners choose to match their dining chairs with their dining table, today, a lot of them are opting to go for colours that contrast their table. Here are a few different styles of dining chairs that you can choose from.

Side chair: Vintage love! 
These are the most common dining room chairs seen in most homes today. They come in standard size without any arms and a wooden frame. Yes! You know what we’re talking about! Today a lot of these vintage chairs come with cushioned seats to add to the comfort of those who sit on them.

Parsons Chair: Simplicity at its best!
The Parsons chair is both functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. They come with high backs and long wooden legs. The legs can also be made of metal-based on the décor you have in your home. It is a simple chair with clean lines and not only look good in the dining room but pretty much anywhere in your home.

Armchair: A timeless classic!
As the name suggests, these chairs come with arms to rest your hands on. They have a very royal look about them and resonate a certain grace. These chairs are very comfortable to sit on and can be made from different materials, from patterned fabrics to leather or even velvet.

Upholstered dining chairs: Splash of elegance!
These dining chairs have very comfortable seats. With a soft texture and a cushioned bottom, they are infamous for their style and comfort. They can be made from any type of frame that does not have to necessarily match the rest of the chair.

Some of the other types of chairs that are also used but not very often as dining room chairs are metal dining chairs, plastic and wicker. Well-known brands like Würfel have a wide range of dining room chairs to choose from. You can get a free design quote for your home interiors by filling the form below or drop us an email at To know more about Würfel products, visit our website Würfel. With over 37 studios across the country, Würfel is the most premium and the largest modular kitchen and wardrobe brand in the country. Würfel was awarded the “Best Modular Kitchen” & “The Most Innovative Kitchen”. To know more about our dining room sets, visit a Würfel studio near you. Click here for more details.