European Kitchen Trends You Should Know

Planning a major kitchen remodeling project can be a thrilling experience, especially if your kitchen hasn’t been updated in a long time. Some designs and ideas will quickly ruin your kitchen, making you want to redo it as soon as possible. Finding a stylish kitchen style that has a timeless look, can save you both time and money. Hence, many people love to opt for European modular kitchen designs when they plan to renovate or build their home kitchens.

What is a European-style kitchen?
European kitchen design can vary from modern to more traditional styles, but a recurring trend in contemporary European design includes styles that are inspired by mid-century modern design, which began in the Nordic countries.

Mid-century modern design, which combines a mix of dramatic angles and flowing curves, can be found in many European-style kitchens, mirrored in the furniture, cabinets, accessories, and even in the colours being used.

Hard lines and geometric forms were frequently used with flowing curves in the Nordic countries’ designs from the 1930s to 1950s, as seen in the arms, backs, and legs of chairs. Kitchen cabinets in Europe are frequently simple and plain, with flat surfaces, little or no hardware, and flush doors.

Natural materials for cabinets, countertops, floors, and furnishings are common in traditional kitchen design. European kitchens may follow suit, or they may use materials such as laminate, ceramics, and moulded plastics if their style is more modern or contemporary. Natural elements, such as granite worktops, elegant hardwood flooring, and visually stunning wooden furniture, can benefit even the most innovative European kitchen design.

Here are some of the modern European style kitchen design trends that would suit any home:

 1. They create a storage wall:
It’s time to become organised. Create a storage wall by installing floor to ceiling European cabinets instead of normal cabinets to add extra storage space while maintaining a fashionable look. This is also an excellent option for individuals with small kitchens or those who don’t have enough room for a pantry. Make your life easier and your kitchen more convenient by installing pull-out shelves or drawers in the cabinets. You may even install electrical outlets to connect your tiny gadgets.

2. Work in warm tones with European kitchen cabinets:
Given that we have spent most of our 2021 indoors, it’s no wonder that our homes will be decked in outdoor colours. Because European design cabinets are discreet and basic, they work well in the warm tones of brown, beige, and grey, with gold, copper, or champagne hardware. This warm and inviting look not only works for your cabinets but can be further enhanced with terracotta tile backsplashes, warm marble counters, or even a painted accent wall.

3. They display exclusive cabinet handles:
European cabinets, with their elegant, basic, and modern appearance, can be the ideal canvas for a bold piece of hardware. Choosing the right handles can make a huge difference in the appearance of your kitchen and it is a simple and affordable addition! Sleek handles can help keep your kitchen area looking modern or you can even opt to go for a striking style with a creatively designed knob.

4. Skip handles altogether:
Handleless cabinet doors and drawers are a popular choice in modern homes. Push-open and closed doors are available for European kitchen cabinets, ensuring that the elegant lines of the kitchen are not disrupted by any hardware. Concealed handles can also provide this slim, streamlined style. Using a contrasting colour in the recess, for instance, white cabinets with a splash of black (where the recessed handle is), or vice versa, is one way to be creative with it.

5. Natural materials carry panache:
Nature-inspired elements, like hues, are a popular choice for 2021-2022. Go for wood cabinets, marble or quartz countertops. Matte finishes are trending in kitchens nowadays that replace the ultra-modern interiors’ with overly glossy lustre. European-style kitchen cabinets are available at affordable prices because they come in wood-inspired finishes that are more economical than the real thing. Choose a delicate grain tone in ash for your wood finish that will lighten up your kitchen. To get the ultimate look of luxury, pair the wood cabinets with a heavily veined marble countertop.

6. Get lots of space in your pantry:
If you have the room, create a separate pantry. European style kitchen cabinets are free from frames, which means they are more sleek and spacious, making them ideal for a pantry. For maximum storage, shelves may be readily installed into the cabinets. You can even use your pantry as a breakfast area by setting up a coffee station inside. This will free up counter space in your kitchen. If your pantry lacks electrical outlets, make sure to use it as a storage area for small appliances such as toasters and pots when they’re not in use.

7. Experiment with colour:
European style cabinets are just like a blank slate waiting for you to paint them in any colour you want! Choose a rustic and warm look with black cabinets and natural woods or a clean, minimalist look with white and cool-toned greys. Keep your cabinets neutral and reserve the splash of colour for accessories, windows, or even an accent wall if you’re hesitant about going for bold colours like mint green or navy blue over time. It will be a lot easier to buy new drapes than to repaint your cabinets if you get bored of staring at the same colour of cherry red in another few years.

So, there you go. We hope you liked the European kitchen trends that are available at a budget-friendly cost. Now that you know the trending designs, hiring a professional modular kitchen designer brand is important to complete that trendy look. Thanks to Würfel’s award-winning modular kitchen designs, you get to see some of the modern contemporary kitchen designs best suited for Indian kitchen layouts. If you are confused about choosing the right design, you can get expert advice. Visit or go to your nearest Würfel studio to explore the hot European modular kitchen design trends. You need to remember that it is your home so make sure to pick a style that suits you and your family.