Your 3-Step Guide to Picking the Best Modular Kitchen Brand

Until a few years ago, kitchens were associated primarily with women. But today, things have progressed and we see that both men & women take part equally in kitchen chores! And this has equally paved the way for creating an ambient kitchen that looks modern, and contemporary along with giving off a luxuriously sophisticated vibe. That said, modular kitchens are the new face of modern kitchens and they not only provide a classy kitchen look but also offer convenience and comfort in terms of both space and storage.

Why modular kitchens? What benefits do they provide?

The primary reason why modular kitchen designs are so popular is that these kitchen designs make use of every nook and corner and make them easily accessible for homeowners. At the same time, there exist several modular kitchen designs carefully crafted to meet the cook’s personality, individual theme taste and overall décor of the house and more. So the essential part of setting up a modular kitchen is to choose the layout, raw materials and the likes to achieve the highly functional modern kitchen look that you desire. Features of a modular kitchen include:

1. A modular kitchen features a lot of storage space even if you own a small kitchen space.

2. Repairs can be easily done, by just calling the technical support helpline number of the manufacturers or the brand of your modular kitchen design.

3. Individual components can be replaced if required, without affecting other kitchen components.

4. Cleaning a modular kitchen is pretty easy and doesn’t take much time or effort.

5. A highly durable one-time kitchen investment.

If you are someone planning to do a kitchen makeover or if the construction of your new house is in progress, then here are the benefits you need to know about installing a modular kitchen.

1. Optimum utilisation of space:
Unlike the carpenter-made ones, a modular kitchen does optimum utilisation of every nook and corner of your kitchen space, without leaving any unwanted or unused space. Why because a modular kitchen aims at maximized functionality and storage solutions. Every module of this kitchen– from the base unit to the wall and tower unit, is designed to effectively sync with your existing kitchen space. People having small kitchen rooms can make their kitchens look neat and organized with the help of modular kitchen installation.

2. A cost-effective installation on account of its durability:
Though there are different options to renovate and makeover your kitchen, from aluminium fabrication to carpenter-made or modular kitchen, one of the cost-effective installations would be that of modular kitchens because you just have to make a one-time investment. Modular kitchens are well-known for their durability, say for 10-20 years. But if you compromise on the quality, you would end up paying extra money for maintenance that comes very often.

3. Easy access to after:
service and maintenance– As a homeowner, you need to install a kitchen design that offers after-sales service and hassle-free maintenance. Thanks to modular kitchen solutions that every tiny edge and crevice can be accessed and is extremely easy to clean and maintain. Since these entire modules are easy to dismantle and reassemble, you can even remove the accessories of a modular kitchen for cleaning or repair. Make sure you choose one of the top modular kitchen brands to enjoy this feature and benefit.

4. Offers easy customisation:
Not like the carpenter-made wooden finish, a modern kitchen is available in a wide range of colours, materials, textures, designs and finishes. From a classy black and white colour scheme to a chic turquoise blue and grey combination, there is a colour for every style. Moreover, you also have the provision to choose the colour for modular kitchen units and personalise with minor alterations from the original conventional designs.

5. Flexibility:
A modular kitchen is designed using flexible materials that allow customers to change the kitchen aesthetic or carry it along to a different place at any point in time. By simply changing the cabinets, cupboards or knobs, and backsplash tiles, you can render your kitchen with a completely new look.

Looking for modular kitchen brands in India? Check out these pointers:

Though there is a list of modular kitchen brands available, consider the following pointers to help you choose the best one.

1. Check the price, quality and design:
First and foremost, it’s the look and feel that matters, so does the quality of the material used. From budget-friendly minimalistic designs to luxurious modular kitchen designs, choose the one that meets your financial needs.

2. Identify the kitchen shape:
The shape of the kitchen is where the foundation of modular kitchen designing lies. The most common kitchen shapes are L-shaped, U-shaped, straight and parallel. Check for some unique designs that exactly match your kitchen layout.

3. Check for the kitchen base units:
When it comes to modular kitchens, base units act as the main storage space for kitchen utensils. Check if the modular kitchen brand you are looking for offers a comprehensive range of kitchen base units, shelves, wall units and other racks and shelves or not.

4. Accessories that can be customised and added:
When designing a modular kitchen, a homeowner can add many accessories to your kitchen at your convenience. A few of the must-haves include waste disposal unit, detergent holder unit, bottle pullout unit, kitchen carousel unit etc.

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