Everything You Need to Know About Modular Wardrobes

Gone are those days, when we used to buy a cupboard or design a wall wardrobe to utilize the bedroom space. Today, technological advancement being evident in all sectors, has been reflected in the interior and home designing aspects as well. Today, modular wardrobe designs for bedrooms give the best value for your money, making it equally comfortable and classy too. 

Even though there are inbuilt wardrobes available in quality wood, it is quite difficult to purchase a wardrobe that suits our needs. Many homeowners look for wardrobes that perfectly match the style and design of their room, which is why switching to modular wardrobe design has become the new trend. Here is everything that you need to know about the latest wardrobe designs in modular interiors. 

1. Offers easy customization:  
A home is a dream come true and that happens once in a while, out of sheer hard work and luck. Every detail of your home is dependent on how you aspire to give your dream home a look. A modular wardrobe stands out with its feature as you can create as many racks as you want with materials and the finish of your choice. Whether you need a sliding door or that push-pull door, it’s all up to you to decide which one suits your interior design. And also, you can make use of that extra room space in your room to fix this modular interior wardrobe that comes with 2/3/4 door formats and an inbuilt loft space.       

2. Smart utilization of bedroom space: 
A modular wardrobe interior design saves your space by perfectly fitting into your bedrooms. Based on the size of your bedroom, you can design a modular wardrobe that can be installed inside the wall, without bulging outside or taking up that extra space. Moreover, the carcass of the wardrobe is made as per your choice. Hence, you manage to make intelligent use of the space available inside the wardrobe.

3. Time and money saver:
since modular wardrobes work on racks and shelves to hold different items, you don’t have to waste time to find the things you need. Moreover, you don’t have to deal with multiple vendors to get your wardrobe ready if you need to add one more, due to limited space. 

4. Customize the racks and shelves:
Modular fitted wardrobes come in different designs and layouts, to cater to individual requirements. Different people have different kinds of belongings.

5. Customize as per your storage style:
Maybe you might have lots of shirts. Then a modular wardrobe lets you create different kinds of storage spaces within your wardrobe.

6. Keeps it organized and decluttered:
Finally, modular wardrobes help to avoid mess and be clutter-free. As you are the sole person determining the number and size of shelves and drawers in your wardrobe, you can keep them in a sorted and much-organized way, thereby you don’t have to spend a lot of energy in organizing  your clothes now and then. 

Factors to determine before you install a modular wardrobe bedroom design

1. Size of the wardrobe:
No matter what type of wardrobe you install, size matters. The size mainly depends on two things – space and utility available. First, you need to allocate free space for your bedroom for the cupboard. Once done, measure the dimensions of that area, finally choose your wardrobe based on the amount of storage you require. If you have kids, make sure to allocate a wardrobe with enough space accordingly. 

2. Size VS room dimensions:
A wrong-sized wardrobe for your bedroom will look unattractive. So, before you buy a wardrobe, you need to first measure your bedroom. It is always good to choose the longest wall in your bedroom for placing the wardrobe. This will ensure that the wardrobe fits in with the look of your bedroom without dominating the space. 

3. Type of material used:
The material of your modular wardrobe not only has an impact on the overall look of the room but also contributes to the level of maintenance it requires. For instance, if you are looking for a budget-friendly wardrobe design, go for a laminate finish closet with mirror panels. This will also be an ideal option for people who have a small bedroom and want to make it look spacious. if in case you have a master bedroom choose an acrylic-made modular wardrobe, as it provides a high-end durable option for homeowners. 

4. The number of users using the same wardrobe:
Before you buy one, make sure to analyze your storage needs. If you live as a family and more than one person uses the same wardrobe, then your wardrobe design will change. You might need to buy matching wardrobe designs with multiple drawers and racks for storing your kid’s toys, and infinite clothes. But if you live alone, then the job is quite easy. A single bedroom modular wardrobe can be a perfect match. 

Customize your unique wardrobe 

As contemporary home interiors are in trend right now, modular wardrobes have become the need of the hour for the latest bedroom wardrobe designs. Whether it’s a combination of materials used or the space it offers with shelves and racks, modular bedroom wardrobes are the ideal bet to give a perfect makeover for your bedroom look. That said, if you are looking for a professional brand specialized in interior designing with the finest luxury designs, then book an appointment with Würfel studio near you. For more details visit Würfel’s official website wurfel. You can also get in touch with the customer care number at 1800 3000 2926 and convey your requirements. en