Add These Glossy Laminates to your Cabinets to Enliven Your Kitchen

Looking for the best surfacing solutions that enhance the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen and offer optimum performance? These glossy laminates are the best. Apart from good looking, they add a sense of energy and brightness to the kitchen. Read on to know more about the best modular kitchen glossy laminates.

Kitchen cabinets are prone to a lot of dirt, grime, oil and heat. A laminate finish is not only durable but also moisture-resistant, easy to maintain and available in a lot of colors and designs.

Best Gloss Laminates for Your Modular Kitchen:
Gloss Finish Laminates are excellent as they add a lot of brightness to your kitchen. That’s because they can reflect a lot of light. Excellent for small modular kitchens as they can make the kitchen look bigger than it actually is.

Here are top gloss finish laminates that you can use for the kitchen.

1. Minimal High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets:
Less is more. That’s exactly what you get with high gloss kitchen cabinets. Though the finish is high gloss, the overall look is minimal. The best part is you can never go wrong with minimal cabinets. They look very aesthetic and go with any type of furnishing. They are available in a lot of colors, so you will have many options to browse around. The black and white design is an evergreen combination and you will never go wrong with it.

2. White High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets:
Usually, for kitchens, people opt for the all-white look. An extremely classy shade that also maintains uniformity. If you want your modular kitchen to look like a professional restaurant kitchen, then you should definitely go for the all-white modular kitchen glossy laminates. You can add colorful knobs that will complement the white kitchen if you feel that all-white is too dull.

3. Light Grey High Gloss Kitchen cabinets with under-cabinet lighting:
When you are choosing high-gloss kitchen cabinets, you can safely pick solid shades. Make sure to use shades with similar shades for the walls, ceiling and floor. Complete the look with under-cabinet lighting. Your kitchen will look more refined, sophisticated and well-maintained.

4. High Gloss Cabinets for Kitchen with a dash of color:
Adding color pops is a great way to elevate the look and feel of your modular kitchen. You can also go for neutral colors such as peach, beige or grey. But if you really want to highlight your kitchen and add a splash of color, you could use bold colors such as red, yellow or turquoise. If you feel it’s too bright or peppy, you can tone it down by adding a border of white or grey. You can also add monotone accents to your kitchen.

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