Five Simple Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

The kitchen is the heart of any home and people not only prepare meals in this area but also use it to socialise amongst their friends and family members. It makes for the perfect spot to spend quality time with your loved ones and create wonderful memories that will last for life.

With the technological advancement of the modern age and the change in the social dynamics, the trends of simple modern kitchen design have undergone a massive change. Let us now take a look at the five best approaches to arrive at the perfect simple modern kitchen design for your home:

1. Choose A Two-Toned Kitchen:
A two-toned kitchen is one of the trendiest looks for a simple modern kitchen design and this style of kitchen is a perfect fit for contemporary layouts. You can even choose a lighter colour like white for the wall cabinets and have darker coloured base cabinets to add more colour variants in your small modern kitchen design.

Simple Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

2. Incorporate Wood: Materials such as wood, with its raw and unfinished look can be incorporated into your simple modern kitchen design to make the space look sophisticated and elegant. The key point to keep in mind here is the fact that in order to include wood in your simple modern kitchen design you will need to ensure that you are using wooden surfaces that are smoothened and those which have grains in one particular direction, to achieve a more subtle and uniformed look.

Modern Kitchen Designs

3. Use Vibrant Colours: The best thing about a simple modern kitchen design is the fact that you can go for a bold and beautiful look by including vibrant colours to add a fun element to your kitchen space. Experimenting with shades like green, blue, black, orange etc., by combining them with acrylic or laminate finishes will help you achieve a peppy vibe that will keep the energy level up in the kitchen.

4. Add An Open Layout: Open kitchen layouts are the need of the hour and are one of the trendiest looks when it comes to modern homes. An open layout works best to achieve a simple modern kitchen design that looks and feels stylish. Open kitchen designs are unobtrusive which is one of the main principles of any modern kitchen layout. Adding elements such as open shelves will help you to add additional storage options that help keep your kitchen look more organised. Simple open modern kitchen layouts flowing seamlessly into your living room area strikes the perfect balance of modernity with elegance.

5. Add Handle-less Cabinets: Simple modern kitchen designs having sleek, straight lines, with no ornamentation, or having minimum ornamentation is the characteristic approach for contemporary looking kitchen spaces. Having handle-less kitchen cabinets create a smooth and clean look for your entire kitchen and their neat design matches best with a backsplash made of reflective elements and recessed lighting and helps you achieve a modern minimalistic aesthetic.

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