Everything You Need to Know About Würfel

Würfel: German word that means a geometrical cube.

Why this name?

Würfel deals with modular kitchen cabinets which resemble a cube, hence the name.

Würfel is a young award-winning modular kitchen and home interior designing brand. Making their own way in an established world of interior designing, from kitchens made of carved stone to kitchens made out of glass, Würfel tries to perfect the art of interior designing. When it comes to quality, Würfel does not compromise. Products manufactured by Würfel last for decades. They help in creating homes that promote healthy and stylish living.

Würfel handpicks their raw material directly from Europe, everything from the boards for the hardware to a small screw. The vendor selection process is very simple– the best in the category from Europe. This is backed with technology from Germany, including our module designs, machinery, tools & processes, under the supervision of our production head from Europe. They are progressive, proactive, eco-friendly, truthful and responsible.

Their unconventional methods and proactive nature encourage fun and freedom for the customers too, which ultimately leads to their brand goal – customer satisfaction.

Würfel is a family brand. And this makes the foundation for the beliefs of the brand. They are constantly working towards simplifying the smallest things that bring joy to a family.
Paying attention to detail and creating sensible designs have become the backbone of Würfel. Every design is innovative and well-researched and handled with utmost precision. These designs are crafted with great care so that they are functional and stylish at the same time!

The responsibility to make our home a better, healthier and happier place falls upon the interior designers we choose. Würfel takes complete ownership of any accidental problems and always strives to make things better. The transparency about their products and policies is something that they promise and deliver.

Würfel strives to maintain the best quality and deliver nothing but top-of-the-line products. Over the years Würfel has been acknowledged with awards for its constant endeavour towards excellence. With their range of modular kitchen designs like the My Story Kitchen, Parthenon Kitchen, Sicis Kitchen, Nano-Technology Kitchen, Würfel have always tried to bring something new to the table. With these innovations, comes the experience of world-class Würfel modular kitchens in our beautiful homes.

The Awards Won by Würfel

Times Business Awards- Best Modular Kitchen Brand (2018, 2019, 2020, 2021):
The ‘Times Business Awards’ honour each awardee for exemplary and ground-breaking performance in their respective business vertical. ‘Times Business Awards’ is one of the most popular awards in India that pays homage to new entrepreneurs and their work. Würfel Küche winning the award for the best modular kitchen brand, 4 times in a row, is something that the brand takes pride in. Würfel Küche, currently the biggest Modular Kitchen chain in the country, has revolutionized the Indian Modular Kitchen market with new concepts, innovations, great designs, and outstanding products.

India Kitchen Congress- Most Innovative Kitchen Award (2019, 2020):
‘India Kitchen Congress Awards’ is the most valued award ceremony in the country which recognises the best modular kitchen brands. A novel award that is not only unique but brings value and a sense of satisfaction to the awardee. India Kitchen Congress commemorates and honours each awardee for exemplary and ground-breaking innovation. They make us notice how technology plays a pivotal role in introducing new opportunities in the modular kitchen and cabinet space, and also the entire home improvement sector.

Würfel has bagged the ‘Most Innovative Kitchen Award’ two times in a row for the ‘Pulse Series’ Kitchens

This gemstone glass kitchen series is the first of its kind kitchen design in India.  The ‘Pulse Series’ uses Vetrite glass which comes in numerous colour variations, making the kitchen vibrant and joyous. The kitchen features an automated moving dado unit, large pantry units and storage options.

What Makes Würfel Kuche the Best in the Business?

Würfel dedicates itself to research and innovation. It envisions to make the nation proud and set a benchmark in the global modular kitchen industry. In the year 2018, Würfel launched the “My Story” kitchen. For the first time ever, a hand-sculpted stone in the kitchen told a marvellous story.

Product Quality:
Würfel Küche has the best quality products and does not compromise on them at any cost. The raw materials imported from Europe are the foundation of the top-notch quality provided by Würfel. The enrolment process goes through a long sampling, quality check and lab check process. Also, the history of the vendor is very closely examined so there is no margin for error and no compromise on the quality of the raw materials.

Würfel Küche did not win the ‘Best Modular Kitchen Brand’ award, 4 times in a row, for nothing.  The different types of kitchen designs come with a very reasonable Würfel kitchen price. Würfel, with their wide range of modular kitchen designs like the My Story Kitchen, Parthenon kitchen, Sicis kitchen, Nano-technology kitchen, have always tried to bring something unique to the table. With these innovations, comes the experience of world-class Würfel modular kitchens in our beautiful homes.

The raw materials are imported from Europe but they are made in India. Each and every step that needs to be taken to get a perfect kitchen is documented and follows a strict protocol. Würfel not only makes the best modular kitchens but also makes the best wardrobes with unique design concepts.

Würfel is a relatively new brand but it has always prioritised the quality of the product and that was one of the main factors for them to win so many awards in such a short time since its inception. There is an abundance of designs available for all kinds of interiors at Würfel. Würfel assures you that they produce only the best and the finest products that will leave the customer satisfied. You can check out Wurfel website.